Conservatism reaching a critical mass. #FreeRoseanne

The tipping point is here. The Conservative movement has spread across the entire world. That is to say, nationalism, independence, free-speech and limited government are on the rise in a big way in just about every political venue you can find. This has the decaying Liberal-Progressive establishment in total triggered panic mode.

Although Trump won by quite a significant margin in 2016, still far too many people voted for the exposed and corrupt Democratic party. Why? Were they unaware of the real facts leaked by Wikileaks about Hillary rigging the DNC? Or did they ignore it?

I think many people bought into the lies about the Russian influence, but now many logical people are starting to see that was a total lie and I truly believe that since the Left has become so unhinged, many people have become Conservative in the recent years. Because the Liberal-Progressives have gone so far to the Left that anyone who was in the middle or slightly Liberal is now a Conservative.

The constant attack on Free-speech by the Liberal-Progressive movement has hurt them more than anything else. People know that the arts and politics can only thrive in a free-speech environment.

The realm of free-speech has been absolutely rocked by two recent major events. First, in the United Kingdom, British nationalist Tommy Robinson was arrested simply for reporting a story! I am not exaggerating, literally all he was doing was being a journalist and reporting on a story, for that he was arrested for “breaching the peace” and sentenced to jail time.


I was absolutely SHOCKED at the huge response from British patriots!! They were out in massive numbers demanding that Tommy Robinson be freed. I really didn’t have much hope left for the country that I now refer to as the United Kaliphate(especially after failing to follow through with the Brexit vote), but I am glad I was proven wrong with this overwhelming patriotic response from British citizens that know a violation of basic civil rights when they see

Now in America, the wildly popular relaunch of the sitcom “Roseanne” was just abruptly canceled after a Tweet was sent by the one and only Roseanne herself and it was labeled a “vitriolic” and “racist rant” by people like the Washington(com)Post.


This is absolutely insane. There was NOTHING racist at all about what Roseanne said. You wanna see the tweet for yourself? It is right here:roseanne-barr-tweet-ht-jc-180529_hpEmbed_29x14_992.jpg

There. The absolutely vicious attack coming upon Roseanne is solely because of her massive following and her Conservative viewpoint. It has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with her being a Trump supporter. The WashintonPost unleashed a vicious tirade against Roseanne where they defended Chelsea Clinton and George Soros. Certainly showing their true colors.

The cancellation of “Roseanne” was a terrible mistake for ABC and I believe they will pay the price for this cancellation when another network picks it up and it easily shoots back up to number 1. I have put out the hope that FOX will run Roseanne next to Last Man Standing. Watch them dominate the ratings.


But yet, sadly, these attacks come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that isn’t trapped in the CNN/WashingtonPost bubble. These people are brainwashed and programmed to see racism in anything and everything.

I thought the joke had more to do with Valerie Jarret and her uncanny resemblance to the female ape in the 2001 Planet of the Apes. And calling out her affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood is simply a fact, not racism.

And Tommy Robinson was SO OBVIOUSLY doing absolutely nothing wrong and was being entirely peaceful, but this is the reality of the modern Left. The Marxist movement that will ultimately try and control the entirety of speech itself. For if there is no word for freedom, can we even have freedom?

They have already dumbed down the language for the vast majority of the population that “Lit, Bruh, Dope, Fam, AF, LOL and wya?” are all you need to know to get by these days. That is part of the Cultural-Marxist strategy. It is a stem of the MKULTRA program and it has taken over Hollywood, the Music Industry, and the Liberal-University- Industrial-Complex.


Not only is God entirely on our side as a huge portion of the Left have outright rejected God, but we are a much much bigger number than we have ever been! I believe we outnumber them by the millions at this point for a number of reasons.

President Trump has had an absolutely astonishing first year and a half in office. The tax cuts being chief among his main achievements so far. His support has grown over the past year and half, it has not diminished. Many people bought into the lies spread in 2016 and now they see through the facade.

The Liberals like to pretend that they outnumber Conservatives, but the truth is that they must resort to extreme lies to even gather support:

“Trump is Hitler! Reforming healthcare in any way will kill millions! Cutting your taxes will kill millions! Eliminating any environmental regulation will kill the planet! Getting rid of abortion will literally kill women! Allowing any type of personal firearm use will kill millions! Building a wall will bankrupt us and kill us all! What you don’t care about the children?! YOU SUPPORT HATE SPEECH!

These are the types of extreme exaggerations that the Left has to constantly resort to in order to gather any type of support and people just aren’t buying into it anymore. We have so many Red-Pill Magicians on our side it isn’t even funny.

More people than ever know the Democrats are responsible for the KKK and they are using Welfare as a trap to enslave all blacks and minorities. Using violent rap music that glorifies gang culture to keep the prison-industrial complex full of workers. No more. No more Democrats.


Enough is enough. We need to start holding these Liberal Democrats feet to the fire for all the insane stuff that they say. Remember Colberts “Cock Holster” comment? Kathy Griffin holding up a severed bloody Trump head? Michele Wolf’s obscene comments? The Liberals are more guilty than anyone of being obscene and overly shocking for absolutely no reason!

They have no right to pretend to be shocked at an obviously non-racist joke and them continually going after Conservatives for far less than they are guilty of is the reason so many people are jumping the sinking Liberal ship.

So don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, that is what they want. They want us to censor ourselves because they can’t really stand up the backlash they face when they accuse us of which they are guilty. I have already been suspended from Twitter twice for far less than Liberals get away with on a daily basis, at any moment they can cut the cord and I will be zapped from Twitter. But that doesn’t stop me from voicing my opinion, and it shouldn’t stop you either.

President Trump isn’t afraid of voicing his opinion, even though he knows it can cost him his life and make no mistake many Liberals chant their satanic prayers wishing for Trumps death. He is a champion of light, they are the demons of darkness. I know what side I will continue to stand on, unapologetically, the Right side.

Liberal scrutiny is so easy to stand up to because it is based in false accusations and thankfully more and more people are starting to see that thanks to President Trump, so like I said, don’t let this deter you from voicing your opinion.

Thank you for reading.

As I have said in previous articles, I have to work more than full time in a restaurant kitchen just to support myself. The rent in my small 1-bedroom apartment in a crime-ridden neighborhood just went from $1100 to $1200…Gee, living in California is soooooo great *sarcasm overload*


So I am imploring everyone to please help support this operation so I could post several times a day while releasing several videos, memes and fresh tweets. Lord knows right now we need to fight fight fight like hell if we wanna win. If I didn’t have to work all the time I could dedicate myself 100% to this. So consider just giving $1 to help me counter the mainstream media and their ravenous anti-Trump propaganda campaign.


Or check out the CaliConservative store where 25% of all my profit goes to The Semper Fi Fund that helps disabled veterans.

Thank you.

2 Comments on “Conservatism reaching a critical mass. #FreeRoseanne”

  1. I agree with most of what you say especially saving California. I wrote a letter to a northern California city council to get them to opt out of the sanctuary city, but alas , have not seen it happen. Keep up the good work. I’m new to this blogging thing. Never quite knew what it meant. Mine is entitled Betteroffwithtrump. I see the resemblance to the actors in POTA but she shouldn’t have called that out. Although Trump has been called orangatan by the left and no one cares. Double standard by the left much?

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