746 Californians overdosed on Fentanyl in 2017

According to the California Department of Public Health, in 2017, the incredibly lethal drug known as Fentanyl was responsible for 746 overdoses in California. Yes, that is just in California alone! Add up ALL of the mass shootings in America in 2017(and mind you the Vegas massacre is part of that) and you still don’t reach 600 deaths total…

So while California gun control nuts screech about the dangers of the 2nd Amendment, they are turning a blind eye to illicit drug smuggling that is statistically far more deadly than even all the 2017 mass shootings in America combined.

Not only do they turn a blind eye to it, but their insane open border policy is a boon to the Mexican Drug Cartels that take advantage of the pro-crime Liberal-Progressive policies to bring drugs into the country and make millions in profit.

Mass shootings are regularly in the news, but when was the last time you saw a story about someone overdosing on Fentanyl? Indeed if they ran a story every time someone overdosed on Fentanyl the media would have to cover the story 24/7 because it would be about 2 people every single day in California alone.

That would be the last thing they would ever want because then people would realize how preventable those deaths really are with just a bit more security on our border. By actually allowing our border patrol agents to do their jobs effectively with the best equipment available we would save countless lives, but the Democrats don’t seem to want that.


My fellow Californians, I am here to tell you that this unacceptable amount of Fentanyl deaths is a direct result of our lack of border security. However, it isn’t just the Mexican Cartels that are responsible for this extreme number of deaths, but also illicit Chinese drug manufacturers that are the main suppliers of this deadly drug that is up to 100 times more potent than morphine…

We know Jerry Brown and the California Communists absolutely worship China because that is the model that they follow for their totalitarian state that they want to create here. No free speech, no second amendment, total government control. Part of instituting that plan is to get everyone addicted to drugs and dumbed down so they don’t see the plan taking shape and they believe the propaganda.

Thankfully, President Trump is actually committed to protecting Americans from these incredibly lethal drugs, even though our California State government would probably wish he stayed out of it so they could keep making their huge profits in their shady deals with these drug cartels and human traffickers.

The WashingtonExaminer reported that Fentanyl seizures at the US-Mexico border are up a whopping 750%!! Thank you Mister President for taking the drastic measures necessary to ensure that Americans are protected! Our State government sure as hell doesn’t seem interested in protecting us and that makes it even more important to elect new leadership! Remember that the primary is on June 5th, we must vote against the Democrats in overwhelming numbers.

We as Californians must do our duty as the Patriotic Citizens of this country and vote out the open-border Democrats that are literally killing your children and family members by allowing the unsolicited flow of extremely deadly drugs into our neighborhoods. The Democrats will fight dirty to protect their racket, they will not hesitate to use voter fraud to win, so keep your eyes open for anything suspicious on election day!

This latest number of 746 Fentanyl related deaths should be a sobering wake up call for anyone that hasn’t figured out that the state government doesn’t give a crap about protecting us. They are welcoming in these drug dealers by the busload.

Not only do the Democrats welcome in the Cartels and gangs like MS13, but they tie the hands of our law enforcement officers and make it difficult to prosecute and incarcerate the criminals that are literally poisoning and killing American citizens for profit. How many people did “Big Oil” kill last year? How many people died from “Global Warming”? These Democrats don’t just have their heads in the clouds, they are being as grossly negligent as Hillary was with her emails as they are with your safety and security.

We deserve clean streets and drug-free neighborhoods. Is that too much to ask? Apparently for the criminal loving, death worshiping Democrats it is.

As I have said in previous articles, I have to work more than full time in a restaurant kitchen just to support myself. The rent in my small 1-bedroom apartment in a crime-ridden neighborhood just went from $1100 to $1200…Gee, living in California is soooooo great *sarcasm overload*CALICONDONATESo I am imploring everyone to please help support this operation so I could post several times a day while releasing several videos, memes and fresh tweets. Lord knows right now we need to fight fight fight like hell if we wanna win. If I didn’t have to work all the time I could dedicate myself 100% to this. So consider just giving $1 to help me counter the mainstream media and their ravenous anti-Trump propaganda campaign.


Or check out the CaliConservative store where 25% of all my profit goes to The Semper Fi Fund that helps disabled veterans.

Thank you.

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