26 officers have been gunned down in 2018 alone.

Right now you can find several trending stories about police officers in the news cycle. At a Waffle house in North Carolina an officer choked a young black man who was resisting detainment. A week before that police officers at a different Waffle House in Alabama were forced to throw a woman onto the ground after she was resisting arrest. In Sacramento people are still protesting the shooting of a black man who was evading police officers and had just been witnessed trespassing.

Also recently a poor black man who didn’t do nothin’ but leave his car idling outside of a 7/11(which let me tell you it IS illegal to leave a running car unattended for a variety of reasons especially in public). Then he refused to stop and speak with police officers who confronted him for his “multiple law violations” and he was arrested. The NAACP held a press conference for him where they denounced the police for unfairly targeting colored people.

On Twitter you can find tons of extremist anti-police rhetoric coming from crazed Leftists and this is just a drop in the crazy bucket. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of these:












The media is fueling a new, violent, anti-police movement and that is why you won’t read about the 26 police officers that have been murdered as a result of gunfire…in just the first 5 months of 2018.

These were NOT accidental deaths. Only 1 officer has died in 2018 as a result of accidental gunfire. So yes you read that right, a whopping 26 police officers have already died in 2018 alone as a result of gunfire. FOX news would be the only major outlet to comment on this story, it definitely won’t be MSNBC, CNN or the New York Times.

The WashingtonPost keeps a log of all the people killed by police, but I don’t see them talking about all the police officers that are being murdered at an alarming rate. I see lots of dangerous anti-police rhetoric coming from CNN and far-Left sites like The Root. Just browse the comments section of any video of a black man being arrested by the police.

Police officers are genuinely great people when you speak with them and get to know them. Police officers are decent human-beings that are concerned about the violence in our communities. Of course there are extremely rare cases of police brutality, that should concern everyone, not just when it’s a black man that gets shot, but 9 times out of 10 it is not a real claim of police brutality.

Police officers have to deal with gangs that are armed to the teeth and on top of that the Democrats trying their best to make Law-Enforcement’s job insanely difficult with all sorts of arbitrary restrictions. The Left will bring down an army of lawyers if a police officer even looks at a black man funny, but they never direct any of that energy towards trying to deradicalize their base.

In fact, part of their Marxist agenda is to degrade all faith in our local police and they have the media, both news and entertainment, fully on their side. So while we are dominating in politics, we still face an uphill battle in trying to take back the media when it comes to trying to counter the Soros funded anti-police movement.

Share this post wherever you can so everyone can see the faces and know the stories of the police officers that have been killed this year in 2018.

So here are the heroes that have been gunned down this year. The Fallen officers of 2018:


End of Watch: May 7, 2018

Deputy Sheriff William Gentry. 40 years old. 9 year veteran of the force. This brave man was shot in the head by a madman while he was responding to a call about a cat that had been shot by a crazed neighbor. He made contact with the crazed gunman and the man fired right through the door striking Gentry in the head. He fought like hell to survive, but succumbed to his wounds at the hospital.


End of Watch: May 4, 2018

Police Officer Robert Shawn Pitts. 45 years old. 16 year veteran of the force. He was escorting a couple of detectives around that were investigating a homicide that occurred earlier that day. The suspect watched as the law enforcement agents approached his residence and he opened fire on them, striking Officer Pitts, he succumbed to his wounds later in the hospital.


End of Watch: April 27, 2018.

Police Officer Jesus “Chuy” Cordova. 44 years old. 11 year veteran of the force. He was shot and killed after attempting to stop a car-jacking suspect. The suspect had already carjacked other victims and when the officers approached him he opened fire on them while they were still in their vehicles. Officer Cordova was struck multiple times and was flown to a hospital where he succumbed to his wounds. He leaves behind 3 children and an expectant fiancee.


End of Watch: April 25th, 2018.

Corporal Eugene Cole. 61 years old. 13 year veteran of the force. He was shot and killed by a suspect that was out on bond for previous weapons charges. After the man shot and killed Corporal Cole, he stole his patrol car, drove it to a nearby liquor store and robbed it. He ditched the car and a 4-day manhunt ensued to eventually catch the suspect. Corporal Cole leaves behind four sons, one of whom works for the same agency.


End of Watch: April 25th, 2018.

Police Officer Rogelio Santander. 27 years old. 3 year veteran of the force. He was shot attempting to detain a shoplifting suspect at a Home Depot store. An off-duty officer and the loss-prevention agent were able to detain the suspect and call police. During the investigation it was discovered that the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant so the off-duty officer called for additional units.

Santander and another officer arrived on the scene and when they tried to take the man into custody he was able to draw a pistol he had been concealing and shot both officers and the loss-prevention agent. The suspect managed to flee the scene, but was arrested later in the day. Santander succumbed to his wounds the following day.


End of Watch: April 19th, 2018.

Sergeant Noel Ramirez. 29 years old. 7 year veteran of the force. Sergeant Ramirez and Deputy Sherrif Taylor Lindsey were simply taking their lunch break when a psychotic gunman opened fire on the two officers in an ambush style assassination attempt. Sergeant Ramirez leaves behind his wife and two children.


End of Watch: April 19th, 2018.

Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey. 25 years old. 2 years with the force. He was with Sergeant Ramirez when the crazed gunmen opened fire on them in an apparent ambush assassination.


End of Watch: April 12th, 2018

Sergeant Sean Gannon. 32 years old. 7 year veteran of the force. Sgt Gannon and his faithful canine companion, Nero, were searching for a suspect in a home. When they stumbled upon the man hidden in a closet, the suspect opened fire, fatally striking Sergeant Sean Gannon and striking Nero.

It was revealed that the suspect had a staggering 111 prior offenses, though I am sure the Left will say this time he definitely didn’t do nuthin wrong…


End of Watch: March 29th, 2018.

Police Officer Phillip Meacham. 38 years old. 13 year veteran of the force. Officer Meacham was off-duty at the time he heard a call for assistance from a fellow officer who needed help apprehended an escapee. When he arrived on the scene he was shot and killed by the suspect who then stole a truck and fled the scene.

The suspect was later found, shot and killed by US Marshals as they attempted to take him into custody.


End of Watch: March 21st, 2018.

Police Officer Andres Laza-Caraballo. 31 years old. 10 year veteran of the force. Officer Caraballo was off-duty and in a local barbershop in Puerto Rico when several men started blatantly smoking marijuana in front of the store. The shopkeeper asked the men to please stop smoking in front of his store and the men attacked him.

Officer Caraballo then identified himself and attempted to intervene when the men came at him, drawing rifles and opening fire on the off-duty officer. Caraballo’s instincts kicked in and he was able to kill one of the men and wound another, but not before they fatally wounded him.

He leaves behind 2 children.


End of Watch: March 13th, 2018.

Police Officer Scotty Hamilton. 35 years old. 12 year veteran of the force. Officer Hamilton was in an area that had seen a recent uptick in narcotics activity when he noticed a suspicious vehicle. As Officer Hamilton approached the vehicle he noticed a man inside, when he got a little closer the man opened fire and struck Officer Hamilton in the head, killing him.

One suspect was taken into custody at the scene. A second suspect fled the scene but apprehended several days later. Officer Hamilton left behind a wife and child.


End of Watch: March 9th, 2018

Police Officer Gregg Casillas. 30 years old. Only 6 months with the force. Officer Casillas was shot and killed when he and another officer attempted to arrest a man after a vehicular pursuit. The man fled in his vehicle and then ran into his home where he eventually fired through the door striking two officers, killing Officer Casillas. He leaves behind a wife and child.


End of Watch: March 6th, 2018

Police Officer Christopher Morton. 30 years old. 3 years with the force. This case is incredibly strange and still flummoxes me as to how exactly this played out. Apparently a 911 call was received where screaming could be heard in the background but the caller didn’t give any details and hung up before the dispatcher could ask any questions.

The call was traced and three officers were sent out to the residence and when they arrived a man opened fire on them with a rifle. The officers began to return fire and attempted to enter the home. The man retreated but continued to fire eventually striking all three officers. Morton was transferred to a local hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

What confuses me about this case is that fact that they traced the call to the wrong house…yes the house that placed the 911 call was located 15 miles away from the house the officers responded too. The man that opened fire on the officers was out on bail for weapons and methamphetamine charges and was under investigation for a rape…How in the world were the officers sent to that home of all places?

It seems incredibly strange and sure it could have been an honest mistake, but I don’t find a whole lot of evidence for officers being sent to the wrong location in this day and age.

End of Watch: March 2nd, 2018

Deputy Sheriff Jake Pickett. 34 years old. 8 year veteran of the force. Officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant at a home when several suspects fled in car. The officers were in pursuit and Deputy Pickett and his brave canine companion joined the chase.

The wanted man fled on foot and Deputy Picket and his brave dog courageously gave chase without fear of what might happen to them. As Deputy Pickett rounded the corner of the building the suspects opened fire and he was shot in the head. A fellow officer not far behind opened fire and wounded the suspect that murdered Pickett. He leaves behind a wife and two children.


End of Watch: February 21st, 2018

Sergeant Mujahid Ramzziddin. 51 years old. 19 year veteran of the force. Sergeant Ramzziddin was off-duty and protecting a female victim who lived nearby as a man was terrorizing her with a shotgun. Sgt. Ramzziddin tried to diffuse the situation when the man shot and killed him, stealing his service weapon and fleeing in a vehicle. The murderer was confronted and shot by police shortly after. He leaves behind a wife and 4 children.


End of Watch: February 20th, 2018
Police Officer Justin Billa. 27 years old. 2 years with the force. This is an incredibly dramatic story as he was shot and killed assisting in the apprehension of a man who had just murdered his ex-wife. Officer Billa was with other officers as they attempted to make contact with the man. He knew they were coming and attempted to exit the residence while opening fire and hitting Officer Billa. He was transported to a hospital where he died a short time later.


End of Watch: February 13th, 2018

Commander Paul Bauer. 53 years old. 32 year veteran of the force. Commander Paul Bauer was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a subject who had just run from other officers a state government office building. Bauer was wearing a suit, he was in the area for a meeting when he noticed the commotion and his instincts kicked in and he started chasing the fleeing suspect, attempting to stop him in a stairwell. The suspect opened fire and killed Commander Paul Bauer.

He leaves behind a wife and daughter.


End of Watch: February 10th. 2018.

Police Officer Eric Joering. 39 years old. 17 year veteran of the force. A 911 hangup call lead officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli to an apartment where a man opened fire on them mortally wounded both of them. Officer Joering leaves behind a wife, four daughters and his K9 partner Sam. The police department made arrangements to have Joering’s former K9 partner Sam live with his widow and children.


End of Watch: February 10th, 2018.

Police Officer Anthony Morelli. 54 years old. 29 year veteran of the force. The fateful 911 hangup call lead Morelli and Joering to their deaths is the proof that you really never know what can happen to you at any given moment in time as a police officer. You are always subject to violence or even death, whether youre responding to a domestic violence call, a 911 hangup, or even just taking your lunch break. These officer’s take an enormous risk each and every single day they clock in for work.

He leaves behind a wife and two children.


End of Watch: February 9th, 2018

Police Officer Chase Maddox. 26 years old. 5 year veteran of the force. Officer Maddox was assisting two other officers in issuing an arrest warrant. The subject opened fire on the officers, killing Officer Maddox and wounding both deputies before being shot and killed.

He leaves behind his expectant wife and two sons. His second son was born four days after his death.


End of Watch: February 7th, 2018.

Police Officer David Sherrard. 37 years old. 13 year veteran of the force. As officers arrived on scene they located a man suffering from a gunshot wound outside of the apartment. The officers were able to identify an apartment where the suspect was located. As they made entry into the apartment the man opened fire, striking Officer Sherrard in the neck. Officer Sherrard was transported to Medical City Plano where he succumbed to his wound.

He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.


End of Watch: February 5th, 2018

Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick. 34 years of age. 11 year veteran of the force. Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick was shot and killed while conducting an auto theft investigation. Several officers attempted to take the suspect into custody, but the man began to struggle and then opened fire, fatally wounding Deputy Flick and wounding two other deputies, a Colorado Springs police officer, and a bystander. The man was shot and killed by return gunfire.

He leaves behind a wife and 7-year old twins.


End of Watch: January 28, 2018

Police Officer Glenn Doss, Jr. 25 years old. 2 years with the force. He was shot while responding to a domestic violence call and died from his wounds 4 days later. As Officer Doss and his partner arrived at the location the man opened fire on their patrol car, striking Officer Doss in the head. His partner transported him to Detroit Receiving Hospital where he underwent surgery.

He leaves behind his 9-month-old child.


End of Watch: January 24th, 2018

Deputy Sheriff Heath Gumm. 31 years old. 5 year veteran of the force. Deputy Sheriff Heath Gumm was engaged in a foot chase with a suspect when the man ran behind a house. As Deputy Sheriff Gumm ran behind the house he was shot in the chest by the suspect and he died.


End of Watch: January 17th, 2018

Detective Michael Doty. 37 years old. 12 year veteran of the force. Detective Doty and two other members of the SWAT team were shot as they were searching for a suspect that had ambushed a canine officer the day before. The subject also shot a law enforcement helicopter that was assisting with the search.

Detective Doty was flown to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he died the following day.


End of Watch: January 8th, 2018

Deputy Sheriff Daniel McCartney. 34 years old. 9 year veteran of the force. U.S. Navy veteran. Responding to a burglary call, Deputy McCartney was the first officer on scene and became engaged in a foot pursuit of at least one subject. The man opened fire on Deputy McCartney during the foot pursuit, mortally wounding him.

He leaves behind a wife and three children.

So this is the toll that the anti-police rhetoric has taken on our police forces. As the Liberal media is enraged that a police officer dare choke someone who is clearly resisting arrest, they totally ignore the deaths and families destroyed by their vile anti-police movement.

Stop hating the police. They are here to help us. Thank a police officer for their service when you see them because you or someone you know may need their help one day!

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  1. In regards to Corporal Cole please correct your story the scum who shot him did not rob a liquor store he robbed a Cumberland Farms. Thank you.

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