Scared Liberals sue tiny City of Los Alamitos over Sanctuary opt-out

The Left is nothing if not vindictive.

I think we all knew they weren’t going to sit idly by while we patriots slowly take the state of California back one city at a time. However, rather than actually try to articulate their position and get the voters to change their minds, they are going for the tried and true Liberal method of bringing down an army of lawyers on their enemies.

ABC News reported on the lawsuit filed on behalf of the group “Los Alamitos Community United“, a local pastor and an attorney against the tiny, but brave, little city of Los Alamitos.

“You can’t hurt people in your community so you get airtime on Fox News,” said Jessica Karp Bansal, litigation director for the National Day Laborers Organizing Network and a lawyer for plaintiffs.

The fact that the Left thinks this is about getting airtime on FOX news proves that they have zero understanding as to why so many people are revolting against these Sanctuary policies. We aren’t merely virtue-signalling, that is explicitly a tenet of the Left. We are genuinely concerned citizens that have realized that Sanctuary policies destroy our culture and communities, and put every single citizen at risk. This isn’t about getting on FOX news.

The Left is nothing if not delusional.

This is a common tactic by the Left, they prefer to fight out their battles in the courts especially if they can get a Liberal judge to hear the case, but what is funny about this case is that instead of going after a bigger city, they chose to take on the tiny little city of Los Alamitos.

The Left is nothing if not cowardly.

When I initially reported the decision of the City Council of Los Alamitos to opt-out of criminal and dangerous Sanctuary State laws I said this was going to be a very important moment in the fight against Sanctuary cities. Many, including Conservatives, doubted this would be a significant event given the population of Los Alamitos is only about 11,600 people.

It’s a tiny little city, but the message they sent was positively loud and clear. It was the shot heard around the state. This is exactly what Liberal-Progressives were terrified of, Conservative uprisings right in their communist utopia and it all started with Los Alamitos. The people that voted in favor of opting out of reckless Sanctuary policies are heroes and I pray for their safety.

Our enemy is wicked, evil and willing to go to any lengths to keep from losing power. Yes that includes terrorism, which we will undoubtedly see more of in California. We have already had a few recent wild tales of terror acts. One Liberal attempted to drive flaming van with filled propane tanks onto a military base in Northern California, another set off an incendiary device in a hardware store in Ontario.

So for the Liberal-Fascists to bring down their army of triggered lawyers down on the tiny little City of Los Alamitos doesn’t surprise me in the least. That they decided to go after the smallest city that has joined the Trump admin doesn’t surprise me, because the Left only ever fights when the odds are 10-to-1 in their favor.

The Left is nothing if not unfair.

This lawsuit is similar to the DNC suing Trump over their bogus Russia conspiracy, it has no legs and it’s more of a virtue-signal than an actual case. This lawsuit is purely out of spite and a last-ditch effort to try to subvert the will of the voters.

The city of Los Alamitos doesn’t have a right to choose which state laws to follow, but the state has the right to choose which Federal law it follows?

The Left is nothing if not hypocritical.

This is what the Liberals do, when the state of California voted against same-sex marriage in 2008, within just a year, the Liberals had already overturned the vote and were performing same-sex marriages. Despite being called the “Democrats” these people do not believe in democracy and will try to overturn and subvert it when it doesn’t go their way.

We must stand up to them and keep fighting like hell! Because these Liberals will not give up, they will not rest until they destroy this country and remove every single one of our rights.

The Left is nothing if not anti-American.


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