Patriot uprising in California, Democrats in turmoil

It was only a matter of time until the effects of the 2016 election came bearing down on California like a ton of bricks. That is what we are witnessing right now in California, a movement that started across the country in 2016 is finally being felt in the Golden State. Right smack dab in the heart of Liberal-Progressivism.

As much as California tries to paint itself as being “ahead” of the rest of the country, our “progressive leaders” are really nothing more than “regressive tyrants”. We have been moving backwards, not forward, and the California Democrats have been moving us toward a neofeudalistic society that promises to give you state benefits like welfare in place of real benefits like tax-breaks.

Getting rid of coal and oil was a step backwards, not forward. Oil and coal are still, and will remain, the single greatest source for cheap energy. Oil and coal could be considered the lifeblood of modern civilization. Prohibiting the use of such resources is anti-civilization, it’s downright anti-science and it’s making our lives more expensive and difficult.CaliforniaRising

California energy prices have soared, and notice I said PRICES, because you will see tons of fake news articles that say “Californians have the lowest average energy bills in the country” while completely omitting the fact that we pay more per kilowatt of energy than the national average.

Now despite all of that horrible stuff, life in California actually seemed fairly tolerable. Besides seeing a pretty large exodus of citizens out of the state and many being unhappy with the leadership in Sacramento, people were keen to just keep living their lives and letting the Democrats in Sacramento have free reign over the state. Until those Democrats decided to push for statewide Sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

letitbeginhere.jpgFor decades the State has dealt with an enormous illegal alien population, but beginning in 2011, the situation got infinitely worse as the Democrats took complete control of the state. As of now, the Democrats dominate our State House and Senate, every executive office and most of the judiciary. What has happened under their leadership?

Violent crime has risen, violent criminals are released back into communities, electricity prices have skyrocketed, housing prices through the roof, wages have floundered and wealth has concentrated in a few elite areas. To top all of that off the Democrats want to house and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, whom they would like to call “undocumented” immigrants.

Undocumented equals illegal. Period.

The illegals have already been granted official state ID’s thus nullifying the Federal recognition of any California ID…Illegals have literally gotten away with murder and are continually released back into our communities despite having gang affiliations and violent criminal records. This is the insanity of the Democrats coming completely into view for all of the world to see.

Half of the state is in a total revolt now. Conservatives, independents and even a few liberals have taken up the fight to secure our country. A dozen or so cities have officially joined the Trump administration in their lawsuit against the rogue State government. Literally millions of Californians that are fed up with the Democrats trying to make all of our lives a living hell.



It’s hard for anyone to support sanctuary policies when tens of thousands of Americans, including veterans, are living homeless on the streets. To make matters worse, Governor Jerry Brown is neglecting to take responsibility for the mess he has created. He is blaming FOX News and ‘low life politicians’ for the immigration debacle that he has helped fuel.

Jerry Brown just reached his “basket of deplorables” moment. The California Democrats have jumped the shark, they have gone too far this time. Instead of taking responsibility for their terrible decision making they are trying to blame everyone else. The people are starting to wake up to lies of the tricksters like Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Lieu, Schiff.

They can tout a $6B surplus all they want, that is nothing when 1/6th of that surplus, $1B dollars was given out “mistakenly” in health care benefits to non-eligible participants…They will never talk about that. They won’t mention the homelessness epidemic, they won’t mention the massive drug problem here in the state or the rising violent crime.

But we see everything. The Glorious Leader Jerry Brown has no clothes and it’s only a matter of time before the state completely comes to it’s senses and removes these corrupt Democrats from power once and for all.


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  1. I voted for Trump. I detest liberals in our government but with all of the voter fraud these greedy and reckless politicians go from bad to worse and I did not vote for Brown ever! Conservatives are a minority here.

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