Ted Lieu is a creep and an idiot.

California Democrats have a history of being cringeworthy, arrogant, ignorant and just downright annoying.

From the unstable and confused Maxine Waters to the decrepid Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats are an absolute joke, but perhaps none more so than District 33 Rep. Ted Lieu.

This guy is a running joke among Conservative circles for his utterly childish attitude and hypocritical tweets.

He may look like a 12-year old who just recently stopped breastfeeding, but he is in fact a 49-year old manchild.

It is not normal for a grown man to behave the way Ted Lieu does, but hey what is “normal” when you’re from Southern California?

Hes wearing a “Trump/Putin” shirt because he believes and has propagated the theory that Trump is a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin…

Oh, but now Ted Lieu is upset that Trump “antagonized Russia” with his decision to strike Syria…Liberals can never keep a consistent position.

What is it Ted? Is Trump a puppet of Putin or is Trump antagonizing Russia? Because, unlike your sexuality, you cant have it both ways Ted.

Lieu wasn’t done being a total weirdo, he was also criticized for inviting an underage boy, Kyle Kashuv, to smoke cannabis with him…

He was forced to apologize to the kid and deleted his weird tweet…

Literally the ONLY positive talking point the California Democrats have is “California is the sixth-largest economy in the world.”

Which means absolutely NOTHIN, Ted. China has a very large economy and I would still rather live in a poor area of America. Having a large economy literally means nothing to your quality of life.

The Soviet Union briefly had the largest economy on the planet, and it was still one of the worst places to live.

The same countries Liberals tell us we should be more like, Holland and Denmark, have very tiny economies but fairly decent quality of life.

We have so many poor and homeless people in California that literally no one should be celebrating our “large economy” until we can redirect all that wealth to mean something for the people who live here.

Ted also celebrates the fact that the California Democrats have disarmed law abiding citizens and they are making it harder for us to defend ourselves. While criminals literally drive our roads with illegally obtained AR15s in their trunk…

Ted is glad you cant buy a gun in California to defend yourself from all the gangs we have here, the friends of the Democratic party. That is why he isnt doing a damn thing to stop armed criminals, especially because that could involve arresting Cartel-affiliated immigrants and we know he is incapable of that and he is probably in bed with the cartels as are most of these Democrats.

Ted never defended any civilian’s right to free speech, that is not why he served and he never mentions that he was just a military attorney.

He wasn’t actually supporting any real missions against Americas enemies. He needs to sit down, shut his stupid mouth and stop spreading lies. He should be ashamed that he is using his veteran status for political talking points, especially because Ted Lieu is not a real veteran!!

Ive read the job description of JAGs, he is essentially just an attorney that worked for the Air Force and he got crazy good benefits. Becoming a JAG is an easy decision to make if you got the right education and your automatically made into an officer. There’s pretty much no chance you could be killed in combat as a JAG.

Totally unfair to compare himself to people who are actually involved in real military operations. They are real heroes out there, not just hanging out in an air conditioned court room all day.

Not taking away from JAGs or saying thay can’t be heroes, but this is literally the first time I have seen a military attorney claim they were defending civilian rights to free speech by becoming a military lawyer…

Ted, follow the example of your colleagues and stop bragging about your “veteran” status. Likening your situation to other veterans or combat veterans that actually went through some tough situations is disgraceful.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Lieu never would have taken that job if not for the amazing benefits and salary.

Logistics and sanitation officers do way more to support our military than Ted Lieu will ever do and they get paid much much less than JAGs do, hell JAGs make more on average than most of the people who fight on the frontlines!

Not saying it isnt an honorable profession but Lieu shouldn’t act like he signed up to fight for the free speech rights of ordinary citizens. He knows damn well he signed up for the benefits and the $60K/yr starting and 30 paid vacation days a year.

Please vote this creepy weirdo out of office.

1 Comments on “Ted Lieu is a creep and an idiot.”

  1. calif is the laughing stock of our country.because of the insane ideas from the fack media and the far left ideaology, chinese controled hollywood will destroy our youth just ask john cenna.kiss chinas ass while betraying tiawan.


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