10 California cities have joined the Trump lawsuit!

Just four months into 2018 and we are witnessing one of the greatest political movements of the 21st Century. In this short amount of time, Conservatives, Libertarian/Independents and other patriot groups have made more progress in stopping the California Communists than at any time since Jerry Brown took over the state again in 2011 and purged our executive branch of all Republicans.

What has transpired since then has been one of the greatest travesties in our history, they took a beautiful state like California and absolutely trashed it. Homelessness has surged to critical levels and violent crime is once again on the rise in California. All the while the state has continued to violate federal  law with Sanctuary City policies, sheltering millions of illegals that we strongly suspect keep voting for them.

So many horrible tragedies have transpired since the Democrats have taken over California and people are starting to realize it. I know when Kate Steinle was killed and her murderer pretty much got away with it, despite the fact that he was an illegal alien that had no business being in our country, was a huge wake up call for a lot of people and I truly believe that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Kate Steinle, you are not forgotten, this movement is certainly dedicated to you and those that have suffered as a result of the insane Sanctuary Policies of Jerry Brown and his Communist Cohort. Too many broken families, so many lost lives, innocence lost forever, that is essentially the unofficial motto of the satanic Democratic Party and people are finally saying enough is enough.

Westminster, CA. Population 91,565, located in Orange County, California, has voted 3-1 to join the Trump administration and their fight against illegal and dangerous Sanctuary policies!

Huzzah! WINNING!

In doing so they have become the TENTH city to join the fray and it all started with Los Alamitos!!


This was precisely why I said that vote was so significant because even though Los Alamitos only has about 11,000 people living there, what they have started will be a movement that will come to empower and inspire millions of American’s living in California that are totally fed up with the disastrous policies of the Democratic party.

The Orange County Sheriffs office took a huge swing at Sanctuary City policies when they decided to publicly post the release date and various information of inmates, which would greatly facilitate positive ICE cooperation to investigate and detain dangerous criminals.

Make no mistake, the mainstream media is downplaying how huge this movement is and we will see even more cities heed to call to take up action against the reckless policies of the Democrat’s in Sacramento.

Now is the time, if we don’t make significant gains in 2018 we could potentially lose everything. Do not be afraid of whatever may happen, and be ready for the Democrats to lash out violently as they realize their little hustle is coming to an end.

God is on our side and he delivered us a great champion in the form of Donald J Trump, the only person who has had the cojones to take on these corrupt Democrats and he has helped inspire this movement.


  1. Los Alamitos
  2. Westminster
  3. Orange
  4. Newport Beach
  5. Mission Viejo
  6. Aliso Viejo
  7. Fountain Valley
  8. San Juan Capistrano
  9. Yorba Linda
  10. Huntington Beach

Do your part to support the new American revolution! Help us Save California from the Communists in Sacramento! Now is the time! Call your City Council TODAY and tell them you want them to follow Federal immigration law and join the fight against illegal and dangerous sanctuary city polices that put the entire country and our sovereignty at risk.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, anything you need to spread the word that millions of Californians are going to stand up against the Sanctuary City policies and we all need to get out and vote this year! EVERYONE needs to vote go register to vote now!

We will win this fight! With God on our side, conviction in our words and freedom in our hearts, we will prevail! God Bless California, God Bless America! Thank you so much to everyone for reading this and supporting the struggle against the toxic neo-Liberal culture dominating in California!


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