Chinese Crime Syndicate Busted by Feds in Sacramento, CA.

“Law enforcement has identified a number of common links between the residences converted to indoor marijuana grows, including down payments financed by wires mainly from Fujian Province, in China.”

Federal agents, conducting a massive sweep in the Sacramento area, have busted up a major Chinese Crime Syndicate drug smuggling operation. Chinese citizens, most of them in the country legally, have been buying up homes in the Sacramento area and converting them into illegal marijuana grow sites and then transporting the marijuana to the Eastern seaboard for sale.


“This represents one of the largest residential forfeiture efforts in the nation’s history,” the U.S. Justice Department said.

Now Federal agents have seized over 100 homes, about 61,050 marijuana plants, 200 kilos of processed marijuana, $100,000 in cash and at least 15 firearms according to officials.

But Liberals cry if President Trump hints at a trade war with China?

Many of the people who were working the farms were “indentured servants” basically slaves that were being forced to work and were unable to leave the house. The growers would bring them the supplies necessary to survive.

Federal agents began investigating the illegal marijuana grows when they noticed an uptick in marijuana flowing from the Sacramento area. They began looking at utility bills and they noticed that energy consumption of some of the houses had increased a whopping 3,000%-4,000% and the bills were paid in cash. Clear indications of extra lights and equipment used to grow marijuana.

Other homes were using diesel generators that were hidden from the street view. Neighbors living in the area say they didn’t notice anything particularly unusual and the areas were the homes were located were suburban, middle-class areas.

One home used so much electricity for the grow operation that it overloaded a transformer and the local utility company had to install a larger capacity transformer at a cost of more than $4,000 dollars.

Authorities believe 85% of the home’s purchased were handled by just one single real estate agent in the Sacramento area, but authorities are not identifying that individual yet as the investigation is ongoing.


Many of the homes that were converted into illegal marijuana grows are completely ruined, stripped and hollowed out to accommodate the massive number of marijuana plants. Just because marijuana has been legalized for recreational use doesn’t mean you are allowed to strip out a home and grow hundreds of plants.

The laws especially don’t allow you to grow marijuana here and then transport it across the country. A clear oversight was made when these marijuana laws passed because they have negatively affected the rest of the country.

California is the headquarters for black market marijuana in the United States and clearly at least one Chinese Crime Syndicate was taking advantage of the lax marijuana policies of California and making a fortune. The money was then shipped back to China for laundering.

The Cartels are doing the same thing, and so are radical Islamic terrorist groups. In fact, just about ever extremist under the sun is making huge profits off criminal behavior in California. Whether it’s drugs or human trafficking, it seems the state of California isn’t entirely willing to stop most of these people, especially because they are profiting from the crime.

Bring oil or coal into California and you will be immediately sued by Attorney General Becerra, but start up a crime syndicate that grows marijuana illegally and it could take 4 years for anyone to try and stop you. What role did the state play in this crime syndicate?

We know they LOVE the Chinese Communists. Jerry Brown ran to China after Trump cancelled the Climate Accords and begged Xi-Jinping to help him go above the Federal government to start his own Climate Accords, but Xi loves Trump and respects him greatly, would never do it. In fact, I think the only reason they allowed this crime syndicate to operate was because it started during the weak Obama administration. Everyone was taking advantage of Obama…

It’s telling that it’s all ending under the Trump administration. Drain the Swamp, build the wall, fix our broken trade system. Trump 2020.

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