10 reasons why Trump is guaranteed to win in 2020

It may still be a whole 2 and a half years before voters have to head to the polls to choose a new President, or reelect the one we already have, but I am going to make my prediction already.

I am a staunch Trump supporter and a pretty hardcore Republican so it may not be a surprise that I plan on voting for Donald J Trump again, but I do believe he will do even better than he did in 2016 and many Democrats will vote again for Trump.

Many people are still closet Trump supporters, out of fear of alienating their families or friends, or even losing their job, Trump supporters generally keep their politics to themselves. Anytime we do engage people, we know they could become violent or even hysterical, so many will only voice their support for Trump from the sacred privacy of a voting booth.

I believe that Trump will win for a multitude of reasons, but I will lay out ten main points here as to why I think Trump already has the 2020 election in the bag.



Trumps Personality

Hate him or love him, everyone can admit that Trump has a magnetic personality and you will find yourself talking about him, whether it’s negative or positive, you’re talking about him.

Working class voters are absolutely enamored with Trump because when you hear him speak you don’t feel like someone is reading from a carefully worded script designed to appeal to all of your senses. He is completely unlike any other politician before him and that keeps him on everyone’s mind.

Trump is the first President to tell people the absolute truth, even if it upsets you or makes you angry. Typically we have people like Bush and Obama that promise you heaven, they make the best speeches ever and completely lie to everyone’s face and then end up delivering nothing but death, misery and debt.

I personally believe Trump’s support has grown over the years and that scares the hell out of the old dying media because they all assured us Trump would never even win…now here we are two years in and everyday is better than the last.

From his smile, to his “tell it like it is” attitude, Trump is absolutely likeable to most Americans who give him a chance. To the people that hate him, well they are giving him tons of free press as they did in 2016. President Trump is a real maverick and he just doesn’t give a shoot what anyone things of him, and that is what makes him different.



President’s running for reelection almost always win

Unless facing a catastrophic situation or an egregious liar, generally, voters are happy to reelect a President they might not even be happy with. That is why Obama won in 2012, many Democrats had already seen Obama was an abysmal failure and couldn’t keep even 1/100th of the numerous promises he made on the campaign trail.

Since WW2 only 3 Presidents have been elected to one term, Ford, Carter and H.W Bush. Voters are generally happy to just allow a President the full 8 years, especially because the complexity of America’s legislative process make it so 4 years simply isn’t enough to get a complete picture of a person.

With Obama, we saw after 8 years who he really was, had he only served one term, he could still claim maybe he was reelected he would have done better, but now we can say unequivocally that he did a terrible job in his time in office. Had he never been reelected, we might not be able to say exacty how awful he was and the stage for Trump to win would never have been set.

So Democrats could gain in the long-run from 8 years of Trump if he turns into a lame duck or makes catastrophic mistakes in his 2nd term, but if they don’t reelect him, they will never know.



The Defeat of ISIS

During the Obama era, the world was introduced to an entirely new form of radical Islam, in the form of what became knows as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This group formed in the power vacuum created when Obama carelessly pulled out of Iraq without any serious though as to what he was doing, or did Obama know exactly what he was doing?

Because what transpired became one of the bloodiest chapters in Islam’s bloody history. ISIS came to dominate a huge portion of the Middle-East. They mysteriously started showing up places with a fleet of mint condition Toyota trucks, US-made TOW missile launchers and tons of small arms.

They began beheading, raping, and jihading their way across the Middle-East and Obama did absolutely nothing to stop them. Then reports surfaced all over the internet that Obama was the one who was sending them the weapons and vehicles. Bolstering the forces of evil in the Middle-East.

Had Russia never started bombing the hell out of ISIS, they probably would have spread even further and we would be dealing with a problem ten times worse than it actually was, but still the challenge of destroying ISIS seemed daunting. Seemed.

That is until President Trump got elected. A main theme on the campaign trail was Trump promising to bomb the hell out of ISIS. He made that promise over and over and over to the American people and he totally delivered! ISIS lost it’s two main strongholds in less than six months and lost over 90% of it’s territory thanks to Trump.

The American people have noticed this huge win for America and they will not forget it when the time comes to cast a vote in 2020.



Trump stays connected to his base.

Normally a President is elected and then totally forgets about many of the people that just voted for him, Bush promised “no nation building”, Obama promised “to lower the debt”, neither of them delivered and as soon as Obama was elected he was sauntering off with Hollywood celebs and making late night talk show appearances. The working class that elected him saw that.

What does Trump do? He still holds rallies, he still talks to the people who elected him! He genuinely cares about his base, tremendously, and the voters will respond to that. We like to think our politicians have us in there hearts, but with Trump you don’t have to just think it, you know it’s true because he shows it.

He doesn’t have to do rallies anymore and if he wanted he could focus on schmoozing elites, but he doesn’t do any of that. He is actively speaking to his base and listening to our concerns. When I read the Presidents Twitter feed it doesn’t feel like its a staffer or a scripted tweet, it sounds like his genuine opinion that he is sharing directly with me!

For a billionaire, Trump is surprisingly grounded in reality.



Trump’s Family.

One of the overlooked factors in Trump’s victory is his beautiful, graceful and poised family. Many in 2016 looked past Trump, and turned to his children, and what they saw amazed them. Well spoken, articulate and successful, but not out of touch. The Trump sons have stated how their dad made them work the construction sites when they were young, instilling in them the value of hard work.

The children a man raises truly accounts for a lot, and how those children perceive their father matters. You can tell Trump raised good kids, and he is bringing that mentality to the American people, because if we have a good father for a leader, perhaps we in-turn will become better people.

So while many were hearing all sorts of tales from the mainstream media that Donald Trump was some kind of hateful, evil racist, but when you meet his children that notion is totally dispelled. Anytime the Left attack the Trump kids, they inadvertently hurt their own movement because people don’t like being associated with unbridled hate and that is what is currently consuming the anti-Trump movement.



Trump lowered taxes.

In what was one the single largest tax reform packages ever, President Trump and the GOP congress worked to lower the corporate tax rate on many businesses, middle and lower-class earners have all benefited from this move. I should even consider moving this up on the list because Trumps tax reform was one of the biggest in our history.

This is another campaign promise fulfilled and I believe Trump want’s to do even more when it comes to tax reform. His original tax plan that he ran on in 2016 was actually far more ambitious than the one that passed in late 2017 and I have no doubt that Trump still wants to lower tax rates even further.

Cutting regulations almost across the board for a number of industries has drastically helped businesses of all sizes.

Each business relies on multiple other businesses to effectively run so every capitalist business in America benefits from the Trump agenda.


CvzyTRkVUAAlfJV.jpg large.jpg


Trump appeals to the Center and even some of the Left

Among the Right-Wing groups, you find pretty much unanimous support for President Trump and that doesn’t surprise anyone of course. We often hear Trump supporters described as “Far-Right” but that is a lie. Trump has many hardcore supporters among the Center and even some on the Left.

Look at someone like Harlan Hill. He was a Democratic strategist for many years, brilliant man, but the Left got a little too libtarded and now someone like him firmly finds himself on the Right. Accepted and loved, as we would with almost anyone who switches sides.

I know sociology majors that secretly voted for Trump. People who publicly condemn Trump loudly and often in 2016 secretly voted for him when they stepped into the privacy of the voting booth. Do you really think someone like Bill Maher, who dislikes Muslims, voted for Hillary who had the Pulse Night Shooter’s father at her rally?

2020 will be no different than 2016, except Trump has more support now and many people will again publicly say they voted Democrat when secretly they voted for Trump.



Trump is solving the North Korea dilemma.

I am 30 years old and since before I was even born there was the North Korea situation being a thorn in the side of world affairs. Except when I was little, the thought of North Korea having access to nuclear weapons seemed utterly impossible….until Bill Clinton decided to send them everything they needed to start enriching uranium for nukes.

Since then there have been numerous diplomatic incidents between North and South Korea and the situation was looking more complicated than ever. Obama and Bush both proceeded to kick the can down the road and sat idly by while North Korea continued its aggressive behavior. Sure they were sanctioning them. The sanctions ultimately achieved nothing except isolating NK further and created a more tense situation.

Nuclear war looked inevitable in the Korean peninsula….until Trump was elected.

I didn’t expect a vote for Trump would lead to actual reform in one of the most divided countries on the planet. No one thought it was possible for Kim Jong-Un to be diplomatic but here we are and I am confident that after 8 years of Trump, the Korean peninsula will be unified for will be closer to unification than ever before.



Trump is seriously cracking down on Human Trafficking.

Multiple websites that have been associated with Human Trafficking or prostitution have been shut down or forced to remove their personals section. In January of this year, one anti-trafficking operation known as ‘Operation Reclaim and Rebuild’ was launched in California. More than 500 people were arrested….just in California!! WOW, but that isn’t even putting a dent in the problem.

Now the state will pretend it is part of the efforts to stop Human Trafficking but actually they are getting in the way of putting an end to the epidemic once and for all. Local police want to help, but the morons in Sacramento can’t allow their human trafficker friends to get arrested because then they might stop voting for and donating to the Democrats.

Part of the problem with “Sanctuary” policies is that they inevitably aid human traffickers since trafficking is the main source of entry into the United States. One of the man responsibilities of ICE is to investigate and capture human traffickers, so preventing police from working with ICE is like siding with the traffickers and that is exactly what the state of California has done.

Part of it goes with the voter fraud, since the traffickers are continually bringing in new people that can walk into a California voting booth and pretend they are someone else and cast a vote for the Democrats.

No more, Trump is putting a stop to it and the Democrats are furious.


The Economy

While I sorta touched on this with #5, Trump has done so much more for the economy of the United States than just lower taxes and cut regulations.

He has abandoned tyrannical job-killing “climate change” agreements that the people of this country never voted on.

He is slashing government spending across the board by gutting useless government programs and cutting down on frivolous spending.

President Trump is doing everything in his power to restore balance to the broken trade system that punished the American worker for decades.

Liberals are triggered that Trump would dare stand up to the unfair trade practices of China because they are used to spineless leaders that let other countries walk all over us!!


For these reasons and others, personally I know I can’t wait to vote for Trump again in 2020!

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