The Truth About the Immigrant Rape Epidemic.

Did you know that in California, between 2011-2016 there were a reported:

  • 58,850 rapes
  • with only 12,510 arrests

That leaves a staggering 46,340 cases where the rapist was never caught.

Now zoom in on 2016, and lets look at who was arrested for rape:

  • White People 632
  • Black People 471
  • Hispanics 1,250′

You can clearly see that Hispanic people are being arrested and convicted of rape at higher levels than any other racial group. This isn’t racism, it’s just statistical fact.

You don’t see numbers like this in any other part of the country, the rape epidemic is taking root here in California and I believe it is due to our affinity for unassimilated foreigners that come from countries where rape isn’t as serious as it is here in the U.S.

The President has been catching a lot of heat lately from the Liberal media, wait actually hes been catching heat from the Liberal media before he even set foot in office, but the latest triggering was due to President Trump daring to say that migrants are ‘raped at levels nobody has ever seen’




What was the media’s rebuttal to Trumps claim? They said Trump was wrong because the migrants that are traveling with each other aren’t raping each other…That was pretty much their entire counter-argument even though the HuffingtonPost posted this story last year that read “80% of Central American Women, Girls are raped crossing into the U.S.”


Isn’t it great when the Liberal media debunks itself? But apparently they say Trump was still wrong because he was only specifically talking about the horde of 1,200 migrants that made headlines by trying to boldly march to the US.

Buzzfeed debunked the President by referring to the SJW they had traveling with the horde(who should be arrested for aiding these criminals), he claimed that no one reported any rapes to him while he was with the caravan of illegals….

Why would anyone report a rape to him? And why would people risk raping someone when this caravan was SO public. It was extra peaceful on purpose, because they were hoping they would make it to the border with all eyes on them and Trump was going to drag them away kicking and screaming giving the media all the footage they needed.

They are lucky Trump stopped them by forcing Mexico to act and break up the “caravan”. Had they been allowed to continue their journey they would have faced extremely troubling obstacles along the way, namely the Cartels.

But the real truth about the migrant rape epidemic is that it is no longer in Mexico…it has already spilled over into the United States.

I will prove this immigrant rape crisis has been going on for DECADES. However, its incredibly difficult to find documented incidents of an immigrant raping another immigrant and that is why the media is having a field day with this issue because its easy for them to pretend it doesn’t exist since little documented evidence is available, but I managed to find a few.

This was a pretty big case that was settled in 2005. Olivia Tamayo arrived in California in 1975 at the age of 15. She was already married and pregnant and she only had a third-grade education…so of course pretty much the only job she could get was working in a field.

Her supervisor was an immigrant named Rene Rodriguez, he repeatedly raped her, brandished a gun and a knife and threatened to kill her and her husband if she said anything. A lawsuit found that her employer, Harris Farms was liable for her suffering. She ended up winning a massive settlement of almost $1 million…serves those idiots right for hiring illegals.

In another case you have a women named Patricia who was also raped by her supervisor and became pregnant. Most of these supervisors are immigrants and Mexican nationals and they are chosen for the job because they know how to deal with the migrants. Unfortunately, as we on the Right continually point out, when you are in the country illegally there is a strong chance you will commit more crimes.

They already violated our borders and stole someones social security or started working without one. Their entire presence here is illegal, and with rape and misogyny so prevalent in Mexico, many immigrants bring over that mentality into the United States. Women are second-class citizens in Mexico and that attitude is bleeding over into the United States.

Using the figure that ‘2 out of 3’ rapes are unreported and that number is even higher among “undocumented” women because they are afraid to call the police, we can safely assume that for these two cases here there are at least 10 others that were totally unreported.

Why does the Left do this? They pretend they care about stopping an issue like immigrant women being abused, but then because it is Trump saying it their derangement syndrome kicks in and suddenly there is no migrant rape crisis no migrant has ever been raped and Trump is totally wrong a racist.

The Left is insane, and them attacking Trump for talking about how immigrant women are raped at untold levels proves they truly never cared about these women. They use them to virtue signal, nothing more, and they can’t allow Trump to fix the situation because that would prove that they have been kicking the can down the road using people’s suffering to win elections.

Of 52 people interviewed by Human Rights Watch, during a study on migrant farm worker sex abuse, all 52 people said they themselves had been victims of sexual harassment or knew someone who was victim. This is an extremely serious issue and thousands of immigrant women are systematically abused every year on farms by their immigrant supervisor.

The best way to prevent this rape and abuse from happening here is to deport these people and stop them from ever entering here. Because if someone comes here and they don’t speak English, they have no money and no education, they are pretty much setting themselves up to be abused.

We don’t need anymore people here with 3rd grade Mexican educations, we don’t need any more unskilled farm workers and we should be doing everything we can to prevent them from ever entering the country. In turn, we will prevent thousands of rapes from occurring inside the United States every single year.

Build the wall.


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