Over a million illegals have received a California Driver’s License.

It was announced recently that as of March 31st 2018, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has issued about 1,001,000 of the AB60 Driver’s License. This is actually being celebrated by the Left as some kind of milestone, but this is just another example that the State of California is trying to import a new voting bloc.

I always heard that driving is a privilege not a right, but now it seems like they are making it a basic right for someone to be able to obtain a driver’s license after illegally entering the country. Stories like this absolutely sicken me because they are rewarding criminal behavior. So many people wait in line for years to get to America, and these douchebags skip the line and get welfare and a Driver’s License…

The state can claim all it wants that illegal aliens won’t be registered to vote but they most definitely will be voting. It doesn’t matter if someone is “ineligible” that doesn’t stop them from doing it. As I reported yesterday, a report by the Department of Health and Human Services estimated the State of California gave state healthcare coverage to 450,000 ineligible participants.

So what happened there? The people were ineligible for healthcare coverage, yet they were still enrolled anyway. So ineligibility didn’t mean squat there and it won’t when it comes time to vote. An illegal can vote provisional, or in place of a dead person or someone who isn’t voting that year. There are a thousand and one ways that an illegal alien could vote and giving over a million of them a driver’s license will only encourage them to do so.

Especially when you use the Driver’s License against them by telling them the Republicans will take it away so they have no choice but to keep voting for you if they want to keep their license. The Democrats do the same thing with welfare, “you better vote for us or they will take away your welfare and you will starve and die!” Not telling them that yes the Republicans will probably take away their welfare, but replace the welfare with a job.

They claim they HAD to give illegal aliens a driver’s license to make the roads safer…if that is the case, DEPORT THEM! If they are making the roads such a dangerous place than you should be working to deport them! Not getting even more of them out on the road, because we still continually see hit and runs here in California. Sure we had a 7% drop in hit-and-runs after AB60 passed, but that isn’t a big enough increase to justify giving out millions of ID’s to illegal aliens.

So why not just deport these people if they are such a headache? Oh that would mean less money going into the State of California’s coffers and since we have the highest paid state legislature in the country and Jerry Brown is the highest paid governor in America, they can’t allow the money they get from illegals to be taken away.


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