Iowa House votes to ban and punish Sanctuary Cities.

So. Iowa City, Iowa. Population 74,398. They passed a city-wide ordinance last year that effectively forbid any local law enforcement agencies from assisting immigration officials and denied all resources toward enforcing federal immigration law. Well the state legislature responded with this:


That the Democrats are completely crazy, Sanctuary Cities are hereby banned and we will send anyone who obstructs Federal Immigration Officials to Guantanamo Bay?

OK so the bill didn’t exactly say that, but this new bill passed by the Iowa House of Representatives effectively bans Sanctuary Cities in their state entirely! It even goes a step further and punishes anyone who does not work with immigration officials.

The vote passed with 55 in favor and 45 opposed!! This is a huge win for America and for Trump. Consider that although Iowa is located in middle America, it is NOT a red state, it is a swing state. Trump barely won Iowa in 2016 with around 51% of the vote, but this vote in the Iowa House shows Trump with 55% support

and we are desperately hoping California can follow in these footsteps. Iowa has written out the perfect law to ensure police are able to report to and work with ICE to safely and effectively detain illegal immigrants.

The bill was introduced last year to keep it alive for debate this year and the Iowa Senate still will vote to finalize it, but I am happy to report they are indeed fully expected to vote yes. Huzzah!

The bill reads:

Sec. (4) 825.4 Restriction on enforcement of immigration law PROHIBITED:

A local entity shall not adopt or enforce a policy or take any other action under which the local entity prohibits or discourages the enforcement of immigration laws.

A local entity shall not prohibit or discourage a person who is a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, county attorney, city attorney, or other official who is employed by or otherwise under the direction or control of the local entity from doing ANY of the following:

a. Inquiring about the immigration status of a person under a lawful detention or under arrest.

b. Doing ANY of the following with respect to information relating to the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any person under a lawful detention or under arrest, including information regarding the person’s place of birth:

(1) Sending the information to or requesting or receiving the information from United States citizenship and immigration services, United States immigration and customs enforcement, or another relevant federal agency.

(2) Maintaining the information.

(3) Exchanging the information with another local entity or a federal or state governmental entity.

c. Assisting or cooperating with a federal immigration officer as reasonable or necessary, including PROVIDING ENFORCEMENT ASSISTANCE.

So there it is saying that no “local entity”, like a city council, can prohibit a police officer from investigating and reporting the immigration status of an individual.

I gotta tell you, reading this is so alien to me because I am living in California and our insane State legislature is literally putting out the exact opposite message of what the state of Iowa is putting out.

California is trying to become a haven for illegal immigrants and an obstruction for immigration officials while Iowa is effectively punishing anyone who wishes to help illegal immigrants.

Two totally different worlds going on in the same country..


Sec. 2. 825.2 Law enforcement agency duties —— Immigration detainer requests.

A law enforcement agency in this state that has custody of a person subject to an immigration detainer request issued by United States immigration and customs enforcement shall FULLY comply with any instruction made in the detainer request and in any other legal document provided by a federal agency.

YUGE! That explicitly forbids ANY local law enforcement officer from ignoring detainer requests as some have done in the more Liberal areas of California and Oregon. The killer of Kate Steinle was supposed to be held on detainer and was let go, if we had this law in California, Kate Steinle would still be alive.

Now, Iowa doesn’t necessarily have a problem with “Sanctuary Cities” this bill is more of a preemptive move before any more Liberal City Councils get the crazy idea that they are allowed to defy Federal law.

Iowa City was really the only example of a ‘sanctuary city’ in Iowa and they even weren’t Liberal enough to admit their sanctuary status, they vehemently denied it saying categorically “there are no Sanctuary Cities in Iowa”, but the Iowa House and Senate are smarter than that they know criminals don’t usually go around flaunting their criminal status.

Well maybe when Obama was President they would have felt more comfortable being out in the open with their sanctuary status but with Trump as President…well now that dog just ain’t gon’ hunt and Trump has galvanized the patriots all across this country to stand up tall! Now is your time to shine and reclaim America!

EVERYONE that matters, from California to Iowa and beyond is inspired by President Trump and the renewed message of freedom, unlimited prosperity and powerful security! That means having a second amendment! That means having borders!

That means having extreme immigration laws for the time being until we can fix the mess created by globalist puppets like Clinton, Obama and Bush. We, Trump supporters, sent a resounding NO to globalism when we voted for Trump in 2016. We voted for our country back!

We are the new continental army, we are the new revolutionary soldiers, we are the new minutemen and Trump is our George Washington! Thank you Iowa for being a good example for the rest of the country on how you protect your citizens and I can only pray California follows your lead! God bless America!

Thank you so much for reading I greatly appreciate you being with me on this journey to take back our state and our country from crazy Liberals. I am just one guy and I desperately need your support! Please consider donating just 1$ or please consider buying the Keep America Great shirt that I designed! Thank you so much!CaliConStore

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