REPORT: CA wrongfully spent $1.15 BILLION on Medicaid!!

“California disagreed with our specific recommendation related to beneficiaries who may not have met the residency requirement” -U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

This could potentially be one of the greatest cases of fraud ever uncovered…

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services has released a report that says the State of California may have “mistakenly” enrolled some 450,000 people who were ineligible for medicaid…

The report said that the State healthcare agency, known as Medi-Cal, made Medicaid payments on behalf of newly eligible beneficiaries who DID NOT meet or may not have met Federal and State eligibility requirements. This could include citizenship status as one must be a state resident and a citizen to be eligible for Obamacare.
The Affordable Care Act gave states the option to expand their medicaid program. California and 30 other states opted to expand their medicaid program. Groups that were otherwise ineligible for coverage before were now eligible, but that prompted the HHS to double check to see if states were following the proper verification process to ensure the people signing up met every eligibility requirement.
The report found that the State of California failed to properly determine the eligibility of an estimated 450,000 people who signed up for medicaid. The HHS estimated that California made Medicaid payments of $738 .2 million on behalf of 366,078 ineligible beneficiaries and $ 416.5 million on behalf of 79,055 potentially ineligible beneficiaries…
They are claiming this happened by mistake, but I am absolutely not buying it because I know how corrupt this state is and I have seen the welfare process first hand. There they constantly fail to verify if people are even eligible for food stamps, they are more interested in just signing up as many people as possible. I saw a woman, who I suspected of being an illegal, apply for welfare with just a photocopy of an ID
I am looking at one specific part of the report as proof that someone knowingly, intentionally signed up an illegal immigrant for taxpayer funded healthcare. On page 11, it says:
One beneficiary did not provide a Social Security number and a declaration of citizenship or lawful presence status . The beneficiary did not submit a Medicaid application. A State agency official stated that the eligibility determination was “inadvertently manually entered into the MEDS” but did not explain why the error occurred
How the hell are they getting away with making it sound like someone accidentally, MANUALLY, entered all of the information of an illegal alien to get them free healthcare coverage?! Of course they can’t explain how the “error” occurred because there is simply no way in hell that this was an accident. A full investigation needs to be done and we need to find the person who “inadvertently” manually entered ALL of the information of an illegal alien that resulted in coverage being given to someone who was completely ineligible!
This is a straight up fraud perpetrated on the American taxpayers by the State of California and it needs to stop. The fastest course of action we can take is to vote the corrupt clowns out of office before they loot even more money!

The California state legislature is the highest paid in the nation, Jerry Brown is the highest paid Governor in the country! Why doesn’t he pay out of his own pocket for the illegals he is inviting in?


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