Mexico promises to disband the caravan!!

Buzzfeed reporter Adolfo Flores has been traveling with a migrant horde that planned to move across Mexico to the US border in a desperate bid to request asylum. He has reported that Mexican Immigration Officials have said they will disband the migrant “caravan” by Wednesday!! WINNING!


8 reasons why the migrant horde was never going to make it to the United States.

“The most vulnerable” according to Mexican Law is an extremely strict set of circumstances. It looks like over 90% of the horde will be going back home before ever reaching the United States. Huzzah!

MANY people were worried. I have been seeing people totally outraged(and rightfully so) but unable to clearly see that we have a President unlike those before him. Trump would NEVER have allowed a situation like this to play out. I believe the Department of Homeland Security was ready to take ANY and all action necessary to protect the homeland.

As we just saw with the omnibus bill, the Trump base gets rather shaky when things get a little intense and this situation of course got the base shakin’ again. I am calling on Trump supporters to calm down and TRUST TRUMP!! He is totally unlike every other President before him including Reagan!!


From everything I am reading, although officially denied, it was the President’s reaction to the situation that forced Mexico to act! You see, Bush or Obama would never threaten to cancel NAFTA. They were globalist controlled puppets, they weren’t even willing to renegotiate NAFTA, Trump is totally different, and that is why I voted for him!

Not only did Trump get Mexico to act on disbanding and breaking up this horde of invaders, but he also got some tough shots in on DACA! This man knows what he is doing and I truly wish his base would be a little more supportive of him while he works. I personally don’t see the need to criticize Trump because he gets enough of it from the Left and I truly don’t see much to criticize, he is doing mostly everything right so far.


I knew the horde was done when the cargo trains known as “La Bestia” or “The Beast” which takes illegals from one side of Mexico to the other, refused to allow the horde to board their train, even if it meant late cargo shipments.

Then local officials locked them in the soccer field where they slept and only let them out in small groups. The only reason they were being bused around was because cities didn’t want to deal with them and they were just dumping them into the next city, but it was only a matter of time before someone had the ability to disband the caravan.

The Left is trying to spin this and say they forced the Mexican government to allow them to request asylum….but Mexico is only allowing them to request asylum in Mexico. The Mexican government rarely grants asylum to Central-American migrants, so it looks like the horde has been stopped for good! Rejoice!

I know many don’t trust Mexico, but as I said, things are different now. The power balance in the world has shifted irreversibly in favor of America and President Trump is going to do his very best to protect us. He wasn’t signaling defeat on Twitter, he was presenting a serious situation to the American people, opening up the door for himself to declare is a matter of national security, which it indeed was, there was no way Mexico was going to do something stupid to anger President Trump.

The world is taking notice, we have a leader who is willing to do what is necessary to protect CITIZENS first!!


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