8 reasons the invading migrant horde won’t make it.

Its been widely reported that some 1200 or so migrants are apparently walking from Central-America up to the United States border where they are hoping to somehow gain access to the United States. The picture of the horde looks like a scene from the refugee crisis in Europe….


The part of the BuzzfeedNews headline that read “And no one in Mexico dares stop them” was utter fake news. Many in Mexico are getting in the way of this horde and they don’t want them there.

I can understand the concerns of many, but I truly don’t think there is anything to worry about with this particular migrant horde as many of them will not make it, and I believe this action will only serve to bolster the Trump immigration agenda.

I am going to lay out 8 main points on why I do not believe a majority of them will make it to the United States.

In fact, after thorough research over the years about the shocking amount of crime in Mexico, I am quite worried about their safety and I am strongly advocating that they stay home. No matter how bad Honduras is right now, they shouldn’t risk getting kidnapped by the cartels and turned into a sex slave…or worse…

I will outline here 8 daunting obstacles the invading migrant horde faces on it’s journey to the United States.



The Environment.

The unexpected killer in any situation like this will always be the environment and the terrain. Mexico is an extremely rugged and untamed country, ranging from scorching deserts to towering mountains covered with snow.

The untamed terrain will work to our advantage as it will heavily impede the horde and limits the amount of paths they can take to the United States. The horde knows this, that is why they planned to hop on a train known as “La Bestia” or “The Beast”, but that plan hit a snag when the train companies caught wind of the horde and rerouted the trains so the migrants will primarily rely on their feet and borrowed buses to hopscotch across Mexico.

Using Google Maps, we can chart the shortest possible trip on foot from Oaxaca, Mexico to Hermosillo, Mexico. That is most likely where the horde will go, because from there they can choose to head towards multiple border crossings.
Since Texas has already signaled they will deploy the National Guard to counter the horde, Texas will be off limits. California will most likely be the place they will want to head towards, that gives us a good idea of where they are headed.


They are attempting to cross some of the most difficult terrain on the planet using primarily their feet and they have extremely limited supplies. Mexico has unforgiving wildlife, from the Mexican Wolf to 7 different species of poisonous scorpions and an eagle capable of ripping your face right off. These migrants will be facing an incredibly daunting task that is something like a modern Donner Party.

Do not be surprised if we find out the migrants became stranded and were forced to eat other.



Lack of reliable transportation.

For years now, the primary method of travel for Central-American migrants trying to gain access to the US, were the freight trains known colloquially as “La Bestia” or “The Beast”. These are cargo trains that run the length of Central-America and Mexico.

There are no passenger cars on this train, it is strictly a cargo train, so the hordes of illegals must cling onto the train precariously as they make their journey across Mexico to the United States border. There in fact, is no passenger train that runs the entirety of Mexico, so for many the cargo-trains are the only hope of reaching the United States.

If they manage to not fall off the train or lose a limb, they are subject to kidnap and extortion from the cartels. A couple years ago, after hordes of child migrants came seeking Obama’s open door policy, the train companies implemented new guidelines to prevent people from riding the trains.

This included immigration officials patrolling the cargo trains and the crazy bastards even told the trains to travel faster knocking off anyone that doesn’t have an incredibly strong grip on the train.

The train companies do NOT want these migrants traveling on their trains, they gain nothing from it and it brings negative attention to their business. They have wised up and will keep the trains docked or they have rerouted trains to avoid letting the horde get on.



Local communities unsympathetic to the plight of the migrants.

Mexico is a county with many problems, but if you had to choose to live in Mexico or the Central-American countries you will choose Mexico every single time. The same way the United States is superior to Mexico, Mexico is superior to Central-America. The average Mexican person is EXTREMELY racist and distrustful of anyone from outside of Mexico.

If Mexico is a shithole, Central-America is a shit-ocean.

While here in the United States you will have a gaggle of Liberals trying to feed, clothe and house the horde of illegals, in Mexico, no one wants to give what little they have to these invaders. Mexico already has some 60,000,000+ people living in extreme poverty, the last thing they wanna do is take care of this horde passing through their country.

The last they want to see is their own government taking care of outsiders, and unlike this crazy country, their politicians would actually put Mexicans first before Hondurans, Panamanians, Salvadorians and any other migrants.



Many will stay in Mexico.

Having already successfully broken into another country, many immigrants will simply stay in Mexico, while yes you may be taken into US custody temporarily while we process you, some 80%-90% of Central-American migrants are denied asylum in the United States and deported back to their home countries.

The last time this same group organized a caravan of illegals many of them just stayed in Tijuana, Mexico. Why? They had already escaped their home country, which is what many of them want. You seriously have less of a chance of being deported in Mexico than you do in the United States, especially with Trump in charge.

Its a total lie to claim that “Obama deported more than anyone” because he was taking in more than any other President, so the amount he was deporting was less compared to the amount he was taking in, that is why within the span of one year, unaccompanied child migrants jumped from around 10,000 to around 50,000.

That has completely changed. Trump is in charge now and I know many of the migrants will be smart enough to realize they were lucky just to make it to Mexico alive and Mexico is a huge step up compared to Honduras or El Salvador.


Mexican immigration officials.

It’s easy to think that no one in Mexico actually cares about stopping immigration, but that simply is not true. Especially when it comes to dealing with these poor migrants. Someone with a bit of cash could easily bribe immigration officials or local police, but a poor migrant that is literally trying to walk to the United States won’t be able to curry much favor with the police and immigration officials.

Money talks in Mexico, and these people don’t have any. Plus Mexico is already extremely harsh when it comes to dealing with asylum seekers, but you will never hear that on the mainstream media, because they want to pretend that Mexicans are extremely tolerant and loving when in reality there is racism and intolerance to a degree not seen in the United States.

The open-borders group AmnestyInternational had this to say in January 2018 about Mexico’s asylum program:

These are heart-breaking stories of families, children, men and women fleeing from extreme violence in order to save their lives. Rather than providing them with the protection they are entitled to, Mexico is unlawfully turning its back on these people in need

Mexico is doing what it needs to do to survive and protect it’s culture and identity. There isn’t anything heartbreaking about it, it’s just cold hard logic. These Liberals want to give your last piece of food to someone who didn’t earn it and let you starve to death with a false sense of self-righteousness. That is the perverted and twisted world that Liberals live in, but the basic laws of self-preservation totally fly against that flawed mentality.

Mexico is not stupid, and I am glad they have been systematically turning away “asylum seekers”, these people need to fix their own broken countries and stop bringing their problems over here, I am glad the Mexican officials are doing a pretty good job at trying to limit these people, which brings me to the next reason…



An advert in Mexico City that depicts the typical Mexican family as white-skinned would trigger so many Liberals in America, but White-skin is still greatly revered in Mexico.


Mexico’s intolerance.

As I have stated before, Mexico has very little tolerance for outsiders and non-Mexicans. You could even be born in Mexico, but if you’re a little too dark skinned or indigenous looking you will be discriminated against. Mexico has an extreme problem with racism and a severe amount of hate crimes are committed there on a daily basis.

Like I said, the “No one in Mexico dares stop them” part of the Buzzfeed headline was pure fake news. Many in Mexico are daring to stop these people. In fact, right now a huge part of the horde is locked into a gated soccer field where the Mexican authorities are only allowing small groups to leave the field at a time.


“Intolerance” is not always a bad thing. It’s OK and smart to be intolerant towards things that threaten you and your entire way of life. Here, Mexican intolerance is working in our favor, because as I said, the Buzzfeed part of their article that says “No one in Mexico dare stop” this horde is pure fake news.

Of course a local community cannot stop so many people from passing through, does that mean “no one dare stop them” lol, absolutely not. As you can see here there are many in Mexico that are absolutely willing to stop them from passing through.



The Cartels.

Many people think the Cartels of Mexico are one cohesive unit, or that they are capable of working together, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s impossible to say exactly how many Cartels and sub-groups exist, but of the 7 major cartels, almost all of them are at war with each other right now and the Trump administrations serious crackdown on drugs and border security have really sent the Cartels reeling.

When you are in a war, you need any and every strategic advantage you can possibly get. Would you let all that potential slave labor just walk right through your territory? Cartels don’t virtue signal, they will not hesitate to scoop these people up. I am sure they are hoping the publicity of the horde will protect them, but I don’t think the Cartels will let them slide.


Normally you would pay the Cartels a tariff to pass through their territory, but these people don’t have a whole lot of money to spend so they will be subject to Cartel abuse.

The Cartels cannot work together to help these people cross and they really wouldn’t gain much from that unless they recruited the people to become drug mules for them. That wouldn’t be a smart move because the US is already fully aware of the presence of this horde and I am sure they are using the surveillance apparatus to keep tabs on where they are headed.

So kidnapping them for slave labor and sex trafficking will most likely be what happens to many of the people in this “caravan”. The Cartels have already killed more journalists than any Jihadi group, they don’t hesitate to kill anyone, so the Buzzfeed reporter that is with the horde shouldn’t think that he is protected in any way, shape or form.

Lets head back to 2011 and look at an event that is now known as “The San Fernando Massacre”. The cartels hijacked dozens of buses carrying passengers in the area of San Fernando, Mexico. These people were literally just passengers on a bus, the buses were not cartel-affiliated in anyway, but nevertheless, Los Zetas began to stop the buses and kidnap everyone on board.

From there, the women and young girls were sold as sex slaves, the children were sold as slave labor or indoctrinated into the gang and the men….well….that is actually quite terrifying what happened to these men.

Ancient Rome, two men step into an arena with melee weapons and try to kill each other. The person that kills the other man gets to live another man. A savage practice, for an ancient time…except it’s still happening.

These Cartels are actively abducting grown men and then forcing them to fight each other to the death! Using hammers, clubs, knives, and even sometimes just their hands…Absolutely barbaric. Do you truly believe that these Cartels are going to sit idly by while so much human livestock just waltzes through their territory??



President Trump and American Patriots

The main reason why this horde of illegal invaders will not be allowed to stay is because of our great President and his extremely patriotic base. If Obama were still in charge, the horde would have a great chance of getting into the country, if even just temporarily, but Trump is our President now.

If we didn’t have a corrupt Congress and judiciary, we would have fixed our porous borders a year ago and built a wall already, because we finally elected a President that is putting America and it’s lawful citizens first.

President Trump isn’t just saying he’s putting American’s first, he is actually doing it! The people that are getting in the way of that and putting us all at risk are the corrupt Congress and the Liberal Judges in the judiciary.

But this isn’t a simple immigration issue, this is a national security issue, and I believe Donald J Trump will hold nothing back in his efforts to protect this country. He can declare the horde to be a group of enemy combatants if he really wanted too and unleash hell on them.

I don’t think that will be necessary. We will just need to keep spying on the horde and monitor there whereabouts. Trump threatening to cancel NAFTA was a great negotiation tactic to get the Mexican government to crack down on this group of illegals. Normally Mexico wouldn’t care about these people because Obama or Bush were too weak to ever threaten retaliation, Trump is different.

Trump isn’t afraid to hit Mexico where it hurts, in the check book. Bush and Obama, for fear of being labeled racists for standing up for America totally let Mexico run wild on our borders for years, resulting in the deaths of numerous border parol agents and American citizens.

Enough is enough and I am so glad Trump is our President and I know he will prevent these people from gaining access to our great country. Hell his base is even prepared to deploy militias all along the border, hopefully that wont be necessary. #BuildTheWall


3 Comments on “8 reasons the invading migrant horde won’t make it.”

  1. Do you realize how many veterans, retired police officers and other trained personnel are out there and won’t stand for this horde simply waltzing into our country? Things like this is one of the things the second amendment was written for. The inherent right to self defense has many facets. From defending one’s self against another person, to invading forces, to even our own government. It affirms our God given right to form a militia while requiring us to regulate it well; meaning that we don’t have the right to become a lawless vigilante mob in using it. Veterans and law enforcement personnel have the necessary training, organization skills and experience to form a LEGAL (under 2A), well regulated militia apart from the national guard to counter this threat. It just takes enough willing to do it and take on the backlash that would undoubtedly be encountered.

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