VIDEO: Sacramento PD cruiser hits protester!!

I am closely following the events in Sacramento after an unarmed Black man was shot by police in his grandparents backyard sparking protests among the Liberal community.

When it turned out the officers involved in the shooting were not going to be prosecuted the protesters went crazy. Some of the responses from the protesters have been quite hostile to say the least, from them surrounding a young girl and harassing her for being White to hitting a policewoman in the face with an object.

They even shutdown an official city council meeting when Stephon Clark’s brother crashed the meeting and a police officer was assaulted. The amount of hate coming from the Liberal community towards the police being the unfortunate ones forced to kill a criminal. It’s sad Stephon died, but this isn’t a result of “police brutality” it was a result of Stephon’s poor upbringing and terrible decision making. However, that isn’t stopping the Liberals from engaging in their own terrible decision making…by standing in the middle of the street in front of a cop car.

A video just released during one of the protests shows a protester being hit by a police cruiser after they surrounded the police car and stood in the front of it. The officer warned the protesters to get out of the way and they failed to comply.

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For some reason, many Liberals are making this their hill to die on and just like the whole Michael Brown case this will ultimately end up hurting their movement. People can sympathize with legitimate cases of police brutality (which are actually extremely rare) 9 times out of 10 the media is just hyping up events and exaggerating the situation greatly.

The Left proceeds to paint all cops as racist murderers that are out to kill unarmed black men when that simply is untrue…

I found so many tweets of people trashing the police! This hate needs to stop right now! They are the hateful ones, they are the criminal ones and they simply followed the law greatly minimizes your chances of ever being shot by a police officer.

Moreover, if you do choose to commit a crime, know that if you fail to comply with a police officer, whether you steal a lollipop or a million dollars, whether you are carrying a loaded AR15 or your cell phone, you need to stop and comply with police officers if you want to survive the situation.

Absolutely of course you have the ability to not comply with a police officer, but just be prepared to deal with the consequences which could involve a loaded weapon being discharged in your direction.

This person literally said Stephon Clark did nothing but stand in his backyard…did he not see the footage of Stephon jumping fences, evading police and trespassing just prior to his death?


This person says anyone who dares to question the false narrative that ‘all police are racist murderers’ are themselves racists including our great Press Sec Sarah Sanders who has never said a racist thing in her life. These people are insane and I pray they never need a cop to come save them.


It’s sickening to me the type of hate the Left creates against our local police departments, calling them racists and neo-Nazis just for trying to be tough on the crime they are allowing to flourish, when in reality the Sacramento Police chief is himself a minority!! This is the insanity of the Left….



This is the insanity of the Liberal movement that causes them to call minorities racist and stand in front of police cars. California has gone so far off the rails that they have sparked a major uprising against their insane policies.

Stay strong Sacramento Police Department. I support your tough approach to stopping crime. If criminals know death is a potential consequence of their insistence on terrorizing communities, they will second guess their decision to steal or kill! Please don’t give in to these violent Liberals and smack them down every now and then if you have to! They need it! Save California.



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  1. Whenever you refuse to obey a police command you put yourself in jeopardy of physical harm be it rough treatment or being shot. The choice of not following a police order is also a choice to give up ones right to complain about consequences.


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