He is risen! Happy Easter to my readers

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”

Here we are, another year has passed, it feels like last Easter was last week, but so much has changed since then and things in the world are looking bright with honesty and morality making a comeback in a big way! God is real whether people believe or not. God watches over us whether you believe or not. He is always with you and you are always with him.

An original prayer from CaliConservative. I call it the “Conservative Religious Conviction” prayer:

Oh Lord, grant us the strength in these trying times to continue the fight to restore morality and faith in these times of great disbelief. We must humbly request more strength than have in previous ages because the faith of the common people has been sapped greatly by Satan himself, who has been invited into America by his many worshipers.

We carry on in these tumultuous times with faith in our hearts and conviction in our words, against the many people who wish to oppress us and bring us harm for our Christian faith.

Oh Lord, we will never give up our faith in you and we know that you will never abandon us. We require your continuing protection in the coming years, as the war Satan is waging against you Lord will continue. We vow to fight with you Lord, by your side, comforted by your grace and majesty.


Happy Easter Everyone! God Bless, love you all!

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