California patriots launch revolution against Sanctuary State

When the tiny little city of Los Alamitos voted to opt-out of the illegal Sanctuary City Law(SB54) many Liberals, and even some Conservatives, scoffed at the move. “Hah!” They said, “Who cares, Los Alamitos is a tiny little city” Yes I said, but that tiny little city, just like the continental army during 1776, is standing up in the face of overwhelming opposition. Los Alamitos won, and with their victory they fired the shot heard around the state.


That tiny little city, much like the story of David and Goliath, stood up to the evil bullies in Sacramento with nothing but God in their hearts and The Constitution by their side and they forced the opposition to retreat with their tail tucked firmly between their gender non-conforming legs.

Through sheer force of will, knowing that they were right, they prevailed. Rising above intense pressure from the Left (and trust me it aint easy sloggin through countless accusations of “racism”) to do what was right for their county, state and country. True patriots that have inspired and uplifted millions across the state. These brave places have restored a glimmer of hope in California.

That action started a movement, a real tangible movement that has blossomed into a full blown revolution. Right here in the Liberal bastion of California, the headquarters of the Resistance, home to the Hollywood #NeverTrump crazies and the Silicon Valley Technolibs. California is standing up.

It started in Los Alamitos, a city of just 11,000 and now it has spread to the whole of Orange County with a population of over 3,000,000 has officially joined the fight against the dangerous and reckless Sanctuary State policies.

We are not done yet because now we have strong rumblings that San Diego County, with over 3,000,000 citizens, may join the Trump administration lawsuit against the corrupt California Democrats. They are strongly considering standing up to the corrupt politicians in Sacramento that think they can bully and intimidate us into accepting their insane open-border policy.



The sanctity of our Union is incredibly important to me and our borders must be protected at ALL costs, San Diego County definitely knows that. I can almost guarantee you they will vote to join the Trump administration against the state of California. Boy I can’t wait to write that article. Get the scoreboard ready ladies, gentlemen and gender non-conforming Liberals. Another Trump win incoming.

The real revolution is here. The 2nd American revolution. California is the frontline in the fight to take back America. Many counted us out but we came back punching! Just like our President and I can’t wait to vote for him again in 2020 because his spirit, resolve and bravery is responsible for this patriotic uprising!

Please support this operation. I am just one person and I need your help. Visit the CaliConservative store today!


1 Comments on “California patriots launch revolution against Sanctuary State”

  1. I was sending a MAGA candidate around twitt for the MAGA candidate for governor I believe. Some responded back they think w/the percentages against y’all that it would be better to go for the moderate candidate. But this feels more like a MAGA movement to me. What is your opinion ? WE didn’t know Trump was going to win when the rest of the country had to make the same kind of decisions & we ended up all voting Trump. Seems you have a perfect vehicle to unite Cali voters. I know some large groups on Twit I could try & get your articles to. My Twit is @patrici82841064. I would see DM before I would see email so you could DM me let me know there is an email.


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