CA woman doxxed, harassed and fired by the Left for “racism”…

We know how triggered the Left can get on social media, but rarely do those triggering episodes escalate into a full on harassment campaign that costs someone their job, but apparently one SJW, self-proclaimed “activist” named Christina Arechiga was apparently so triggered she decided to launch a full on doxxing campaign to expose one woman’s Facebook comments to the world.

This is an incredibly sad story about how Political Correctness can truly destroy your life and get you labeled racist without you ever having said anything even remotely racist. One woman, named Faith Linthicum, just found that out the hard way when the full wrath of the Left came down on her. Causing her to be harassed, bullied and ultimately removed from her job for simply speaking her mind on Facebook.

This is one of the many reasons I am not on Facebook, not even to help spread my website because there are simply too many crazed Liberals on Facebook that will see racism anywhere and everywhere. So what was the heinous “racist” comment that got this poor woman fired?

This is how the Liberal media is framing it: A racist White women said that Stephon Clark(the unarmed, definitely didn’t do nuthin black man shot in Sacramento recently) ‘deserved to get shot’


Ummm, no, she absolutely did not say that, but that is how the Liberal media is framing it and Kaiser Permanente has fired Faith Linthicum for her Facebook comments that they called racist. Christina Arechiga celebrated the firing on Facebook and you can see the “racist” comments for yourself:


Kaiser Permanente, where Faith worked, issued a response:

Kaiser Permanente does not tolerate hate or discrimination and has a long history of embracing diversity and inclusion – it remains a place where we welcome everyone. We want to emphasize that the comments expressed by this employee, who is no longer with the organization, do not in any way reflect Kaiser Permanente’s views or actions.

Do those idiots even realize how hateful and racist Christina Arechiga is? She hates white people and hates the police! She is totally intolerant and doesn’t believe in inclusion!! Why the hell do people listen to SJW crybabies, who are more hateful and racist than anyone?!

Im looking for the “racist” comment in what Faith posted and I seriously cannot find it. She said “Can we protest the deaths of all the people shot by black people too”. She was making an incredibly coherent point. Why was Al Sharpton at the funeral of Stephon Clark? Why isn’t he in Chicago where thousands of young black men are killed by other black men?

She didn’t say “Stephon Clark deserved to be shot for being Black” she actually said ‘Stephon Clark deserved to get shot for running from the police and committing crimes’. I agree with Faith 1000%, Stephon’s shooting had NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with behavior. Look at the man recently arrested in Chicago with a loaded handgun and body armor. Once he saw he was caught, he simply gave up and that is why he is still alive.

You can comb through Christina Arechiga’s Facebook and not ONCE will you find her mentioning the black people that are killed by other blacks, which account for well over 90% of Black murders. A white cop shooting a black man is extremely rare, but the left-wing media claims its an epidemic, by focusing a microscope on one shooting event, even though far more White people are shot by police.

Don’t try to feed me that malarkey that “black men are shot at a higher rate” I dont look at rates or population percentages for this issue, total number matters more and the numbers say more White and Hispanics are shot than blacks, yet they get the only media attention.

Regardless of whether you are carrying an AR15 or a cell phone, your behavior will most likely be what ends up deciding whether you live or die. Stephon was shot because he was evading police and even when he was cornered he charged at police with his cell phone held forward like a gun. Yes, he most definitely deserved to get shot, but not for being black, but for his criminal behavior.

So let’s flip the microscope onto Christina. Meet Christina Arechiga. Here is her Facebook account, here is her Twitter account.

I figured since she really loves exposing people for being “racist” why don’t I expose her for being both an idiot and anti-police.


She is in a relationship to a black man and has a child with him. Of course they aren’t married, why would they be that responsible? She is an SJW Liberal and he is a Black democrat, so of course he will never marry her and will probably end up having children with other women.

I will not post her man and child here because I don’t believe them to be responsible for her radical SJWism, but I do believe her relationship with a Black man greatly clouds her judgement when it comes to Black men being shot by police. She could care less when an unarmed White man is shot by police, which happens almost every day in America while on average less than 1 black person is shot by police per day, but they insist there are piles and piles of dead black men shot by police. Simply untrue.

So let’s start combing through her Facebook yeah?

From combing through her Facebook, as she did to Faith, I found a few unsavory things as well. This woman, fervently hates the police:


In 2011, her cousin, Ernest Duenez Jr, a known gang member was shot by the police. The family sued and of course they were awarded a $2.2M settlement….Why?

First of all, police were trying to pull over this scumbag and he simply kept driving home.

He got home and police surrounded his car with guns drawn. Dumbass Ernest Duenez gets out of the car AND REACHES INTO HIS BACK POCKET. The officer, who had initially holstered his weapon, drew his gun and unloaded into this dirt bag piece of crap and dropped him. That officer made the world a better place that day, but for some reason, this insane state ruled in favor of the criminal and handed $2.2M of our tax dollars to a family that raised a piece of trash.

So of course this is why she is thoroughly involved in “activism” she sees the potential for profit. Her cousin was a victim of his own terrible decision making, just like Stephon, for disobeying the police they both got what they deserved.


So Faith Linthicum can’t say that a criminal deserves to be shot for disobeying police without losing her job and that if we cared about Black deaths we would talk about black on black violence, but Christina Arechiga can literally post “Fuck the red, white, and blue” and that is acceptable?!

The double-standards that Conservatives have to deal with is astounding and I hope Kaiser Permanente feels good that it listened to the ravings of an anti-American, anti-Police fat cow that smoked weed and ate in-and-out while she was pregnant and they probably fired one of their best nurses. Idiots.


Here, she apparently posted that she was giving away free baby stuff and one woman messaged her with interest in the baby items. What did Christina do? It’s about the babies so politics shouldn’t be a concern here right?

No, she went to the ladies profile and vetted her and found out that she dared to post that she was a right-winger and Christina decided to hold those politics against an innocent child who perhaps needed those baby items desperately. It’s sad but I hope one day some right-Winger denies service to her baby bcuz of her dumbass anti-American politics, though I know for a fact no right-winger would ever do something that awful, its something you only see on the sick Left.

Also whats with the insistence to identify as “brown”.

Dear Christina *ahem* YOU ARE NOT BROWN. YOU ARE WHITE, your ancestors obviously came from Spain.

YOU ARE NOT BROWN, you are an inherent of Spanish imperialism and colonialism. NO ONE has skin as white as yours without some form of European heritage. Some 80% of all Mexicans are what is known as a “Mestizo”

A mestizo is someone of Spanish and Indigenous mix, meaning that some 80% of Mexicans alive today would not exist if Europeans never would have settled the New World. Do you ever hear people bash Columbus in Mexico? LOL, quite the opposite, they call him the “Papa de la Raza” the “Father of the Race” because he literally created the modern Mexican people by breeding with natives.

Me and you Christina and most Latin people would not even exist if it weren’t for colonialism or imperialism. Although I feel bad for what my ancestors may have went through, I am thoroughly happy that it happened because, well, I like existing.


She posted this Che quote on her profile. Now, Christina I hope you are reading because I am about to drop some mega knowledge on you. Che Guevara HATED Black people with a passion. He actually praised the European settlers. READ:

“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese.”
“The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

That is directly from Che’s diary. He praised the European settler while trashing the Black man. If Che were alive today many might consider him an “alt-righter” for his comments.


So even though she posted a meme saying something like “we need less rappers, less football players” she idolizes Kaepernick. Her son will grow up with pictures of Kap and hearing how great he is. If she truly didn’t want more children to be rappers and sports stars then she wouldn’t be exposing her son to this privileged anti-American twat. Can someone please tell me when the hell Kap has ever set foot on a pubic bus? This is the type of nonsensical propaganda Liberals love, propaganda that isn’t even based in reality.


So these are the type of people that can cost you your job. Are you sure your employer will side with you? Or will they throw you under the bus for the cheap virtue signal? If anyone knows where Christina actually works, if she even has a real job outside of trying to get Conservatives fired, please contact her employer and ask them if they are OK with employing a racist anti-American cop-hater?

Also contact Roseville Kaiser,(916) 784-5081, when they open on Monday and let them know they should reinstate Faith Linthicum at once and that the last people they should be looking towards for business decisions are SJW internet activists.



5 Comments on “CA woman doxxed, harassed and fired by the Left for “racism”…”

  1. A *NURSE* who says a Black man/’suspect’
    deserves to die for being stupid
    deserves to be fired
    from a job where she could kill
    or cause death or suffering
    by flat-out murder
    or by with-holding or delaying
    medical CARE, as in this case,
    which ALSO involved
    Public Trust (or reasonable
    SUSPICION of violations of Public TRUST).

    She should also have her nursing license revoked.

    Her job
    like that of hired guns
    involves Public Trust and
    Presumption of good judgement
    in life-&-death
    situations; cops & nurses
    who cannot be trusted with
    life-&-death judgement calls
    should not be entrusted
    with others’ lives & welfare…

    Firing a NURSE
    with demonstrated bad judgement
    with respect to who deserves to be killed,
    or allowed to die
    by with-holding medical care?

    Such a NURSE
    with such
    bad judgement
    deserves to be fired;
    firing such a NURSE was a demonstration
    of good judgement by her employer; and I
    speak as one who rarely fired anyone, but
    insisted on firing a NURSE who persistently
    the health & lives of patients
    (and also got my boss fired for falsifying
    medical diagnostic records:
    a felony).


  2. Sir, this was a rather long post about a woman, Faith Linthicum that is either dead from CovID or is alive and fighting to keep her job due to the mandatory vaccination program imposed by Biden. Now my question to a person like yourself is, (read this CAREFULLY) since Blacks are so much of a problem so much of a hardship in this world, why haven’t yourself or anyone with your mindset join a group to eliminate them first in the United States, then in the rest of the world? We all know the USA is the leader of the world, what we say goes, so why hasn’t this program been carried out? This country has all the weapons biological, nuclear and chemical to totally utterly destroy every Black on the face of the earth. The USA also has thousands in militia groups that could start the process, because black on black crime isn’t working ten die in a day and a hundred that same day are born, mass incarceration that isn’t working as well. How do we know that? Blacks are seen in many areas in the United States, in fact, Blacks are now appearing in areas and states that are predominately White, Utah Nebraska North and South Dakota, look at Oregon. Oregon that was a state created solely for European Americans have thousands of Blacks living there. They had the most marches against the Blacks perceived police brutality that had more Whites than Blacks… So when will be the start of the final solution, OR has the final solution already started…. I am typing this in October 2021 what the current adminstration at 1600 Presidential Avenue is doing to ALL American people regardless of race would have NEVER taken place if the country seriously fought back against ill treatment of the Blacks. I say this because Blacks were the test race, to see how far the court system and laws could get away with now ALL of us are feeling like a Black… Don’t say, “not me I don’t feel like a Black” because the way you felt when a job you worked at for 20 years fires you because you won’t or rather refuse to get the jab, the over taxation without representation, the high prices that used to be limited to the Black neighborhoods are now NATIONWIDE. There’s a purge going on right now, so what will YOU do??


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