10 Shocking Examples of California’s Homelessness epidemic

California has a GDP of approximately $2.5 trillion dollars, making it the sixth largest economy on the planet. You probably hear that all the time from Governor Jerry Brown and his cohort of Progressives. It’s their go-to argument everytime you bring up the fact that homelessness jumped up 27% in Los Angeles county in 2017 alone…

Does having the sixth largest economy in the world even mean anything when so many are subject to homelessness and low-paying jobs? The Soviet Union had at one point, the largest economy on the planet, did that mean they had a good quality of life? Ask a modern Liberal, they will say yes, ask someone who actually grew up in the Soviet Union and they will tell you it was a terrible place to be.


Because when the state gains control of the economy it can artificially inflate the economy making it seem as though there is a higher quality of life when in reality there is lots of misery and despair. Common people in the Soviet Union were starving, forced to work for low wages and subject to harsh law while the Politburo members amassed fortunes and gorged on the finest foods doing whatever they wanted.

That is how California is now.

Most of California’s wealth is concentrated in extremely wealthy areas like parts of Santa Clara County or places like “Hidden Hills” in Los Angeles. While many parts of California flounder well below the national average median income. This is typical of Socialist systems, great wealth concentrated at the top while the middle-class and small business are gutted. They want to create a permanently dependent class of people.

*It’s important to note that because no Republican has held executive office in California since 2011, this crisis is squarely on the Democratic party*

Jerry brown California trash

So let’s look at 10 various examples of how bad the homeless problem is in California:


Garden Grove


Earlier this month a family of 4 was found dead sleeping in their parked minivan near a busy intersection in the parking lot of a shopping center in Garden Grove, CA. A man, a woman and two children, all in their pajamas. Investigators believe they suffered from carbon-monoxide poisoning.

I wonder how many people just walked passed this van, probably even seeing the windows covered, and just totally ignored it because people living in their cars has become such a common occurrence here in California. The minivan apparently had been parked there for days…


Bay Area


A man spotted a transient lowering a bicycle from the roof of the Antioch train station in the Bay Area. The local officer was shocked to see that someone had indeed climbed up there and set up a hidden camp right on top the train station!!

This one is significant because it shows you how you could be walking above, below or beside a homeless camp and not even know it! It could be in the bushes next to you, or the sewer below…or even the roof above!


Silicon Valley

Santa Clara County. The County that currently has the single highest average annual income in the state, even surpassing the wealth of “Hidden Hills” where high profile celebs like Drake and Kanye West live, but there is a very very shady underbelly to the wealthy county.

The county continues to grapple with staggering homeless numbers, but in 2014 there was a terrifying discovery. People were living underground in “hobbit” style homes:



Truly, this doesn’t even look like something that would even happen in the 3rd world. What the hell is going on in California?



Coachella Valley, Palm Springs. You may have heard recently of the Tamarisk Tree that is native to Palm Springs. How did you hear about it? It was accused recently by the Left of serving a racist purpose because some were planted along the lines of a golf course and a “historically black” neighborhood.


Well they serve another purpose as well now, sheltering hidden homeless camps that pose wildfire dangers to the area. These innocent looking Tamarisk trees hide something inside…


Yes that is a makeshift hovel, people were living inside of the trees. I crudely circled some 35lb cooking oil jugs and egg flats. Why is that significant? Well that is a very large amount of oil and eggs, enough to feed a few people for weeks, or a larger amount of people for a few days. They would have required a pretty good heat source for that.

You notice the area covered in anything? That might look like dirt, but those are the needles from the Tamarisk tree that get very dry and fall off and pile up very thick. They are very flammable and they create an extreme fire hazard. Fire-fighters have warned that fired that start here are particularly dangerous, but surely these transients will totally be safe and responsible and nothing bad will happen right?

3-29 dillonfire1_1521493706884.JPG_10740096_ver1.0_640_360


The Tiny Homes Plan

The “Tiny Homes” plan. The situation has deteriorated so bad that cities are scrambling to shove homeless people into miniature homes that are basically designed to keep them out of sight, while making the area look a little nicer. It’s a completely superficial solution, nothing more. Like giving a person without a job welfare, it doesn’t solve the problem, it only kicks the can down the road.


Shoving homeless people who have mental issues and drug problems into tiny homes isn’t going to help anyone and it’s a terrible solution to an already out of control problem. You cannot walk down the street in California without seeing a shopping cart, or someone sleeping on the ground. Well don’t worry, now instead of seeing them drunk on the street you will just know they are drunk in that tiny home over there…




The Santa Ana River Trail homeless camp. This homeless camp at its height reached approximately two miles across, housing dozens of homeless and transients right near Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California. Tents, cardboard homes, and some people just in sleeping bags under the nearby overpass. This homeless camp grew for months before anyone decided to do anything about it.

It wasn’t until March 1st 2018 that this sprawling tent-city was completely cleaned up, and what the clean up crew recovered was appalling:

  • 13,950+ needles
  • 5,000+ pounds of hazardous waste
  • 400+ tons of debris

The homeless were placed in motels that were meant to house them temporarily and they couldn’t decide what to do with them. When the plan to rehouse them again in state owned tent -cities placed in local communities was met with enormous backlash, the Orange County Board of Supervisors was forced to abandon the plan.


San Diego


No, this isn’t the scene out of a movie where aliens just attacked us and people are living in refugee tents. This is in San Diego, California. It is called the “Alpha Project”…This is what Democrat leadership looks like folks, but hey the people have WiFi so that will make it even easier to be homeless…and these people are advocating for even more people to come over here?

When people are living in 3rd world refugee conditions already?! Stop the insanity. If we don’t have enough jobs then deport all the illegals that will open up jobs, but then again, how many of these people living in these tents aren’t illegals themselves?



Silicon Valley

Back to Santa Clara County, aka Silicon Valley, remember that homeless camp they cleaned up back in 2014? Well they didn’t actually solve the problem of course and the homeless people just dispersed to other areas of the county.

As of right now, Santa Clara County has 7,394 counted homeless people.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tech giant Cisco is giving $50 million to “combat” the problem. I put combat in quotation marks because I truly don’t think they will fix the problem. The problem is the sick twisted Liberal ideology, it isn’t putting these people in houses, it’s getting them a job, and we need to find the people that are unhelpable, of which there are many that don’t even want our real help.

When a reporter asked a homeless man why doesn’t he go to the homeless shelter? He replies, ‘it’s too strict’ meaning he isn’t allowed to do drugs and get high. That is why so many people are homeless now, people who otherwise have nothing wrong with them other than an insatiable drug problem. Santa Clara votes heavily for the Democratic party, the same party that has overseen this massive spike in homelessness. Why did it spike? Because they subsidized poverty that’s why!


San Francisco.

San Francisco struggles to deal with a homelessness problem that has spiraled out of control and has greatly hurt the tourism industry. It turns out tourists don’t exactly like seeing misery and despair when they go on vacation.

There are approximately 6,000+ homeless people in San Francisco.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Handlery, whos job it is to go online and find what people are saying that visited San Francisco. He will respond to them if they have any complaints, what is the No. 1 complaint they get? “the city’s miserable street scene”

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In February, NBC Bay Area scoured over 100 San Francisco blocks and what they found was shocking. Human excrement, tons of garbage everywhere and even discarded needles lying just feet away from where children walk to school. Parents were disgusted, as they should be.


Skid Row, Los Angeles.

Skid Row, Los Angeles. The single largest concentration of homeless people in the United States resides smack dab in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. The total homeless in LA County is roughly a staggering 58,000 homeless people.

This is the epicenter of homelessness in the United States with a staggering 8,000 to 11,000 people homeless people living in Skid Row….This is truly an epidemic and this problem is being caused by the Democrats and their failed policies of subsidizing poverty. We made it too easy to be poor and failing to secure the borders meant an abundant supply of cheap drugs to keep the homeless population from ever getting better.

Please Ladies and Gentlemen, vote out the Democrats in 2018, they have totally failed us.


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