POLL: 54% of California voters want police to work with ICE.

A new poll out of California confirmed my suspicions that most of the states voters are in fact against Sanctuary Cities. Even Democrats aren’t crazy about how the state government is handling the situation. Especially legal immigrants, some who waited almost a decade to get here, are extremely upset that the state is allowing millions of people to flagrantly violate the federal immigration law.

The poll was conducted by a group called Survey USA that asked 882 registered voters how they felt about the states sanctuary policies. The poll took place between March 22-25 and the results would surprise most people who view California as a Liberal bastion and the state of the #RESIST movement. Like I said, even Democrats are starting to flip against the insane and reckless Sanctuary State policies, realizing how unfair it is to people who followed the legal process to get here.

Another Survey USA poll in California also found Nancy Pelosi’s approval rating at just 34%

The poll also stated a mere 11% of voters, both Republican and Democrat, believe that local police should shield violent illegal immigrants from deportation. Just 11% of voters! Now that number is still too high because 11% of almost 900 people is around 90 people that believe ICE should be prevented from deporting someone guilty of murdering a US citizen, but at last 89% of voters sided with ICE being able to deport violent illegals.

Conversely, when an illegal is just guilty of violating immigration law, the support ICE involvement does drop down to 29% in favor of ICE detention. While some Democrats do support ICE involvement, the support is definitely less from the Democrats as opposed to Republicans.

Voters were also asked about the border wall with almost 39% of voters rating the wall a “top priority, high priority, or just a priority”. A lot more than you would expect in the self-proclaimed “State of the Resistance”. Blue wave not rising so high now, is it?! Haha!!

These numbers are huge and significant for multiple reasons. Chief among them is that most people were not polled. I was not asked how I feel, you were most likely not asked how you feel. So for a Left-wing poll to admit that more than half of the CA voters they asked were in favor of ICE deporting violent illegals, gives me lots of hope, because they typically try to rig these polls or over sample Democrats.

Considering there are almost 2,000,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in this state, you are guaranteed to survey more Dems than Reps, so for 54% of voters to openly admit they would support police working with ICE to deport violent illegals is a HUGE number.


1 Comments on “POLL: 54% of California voters want police to work with ICE.”

  1. Wecare either a nation and State of laws and the rule there of or we are a nation and State of Men doing as we please regardless of consequences. I prefer the former. I want a civil society where law rules and civil discourse reigns over street thuggery.


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