Sacramento City Council meeting shut down by out of control protesters.

I am continuing to follow the situation unfolding in Sacramento that has erupted after the shooting of a local man named Stephon Clark. The response from the Left has been aggressive to say the least. So far I have noted that the protests were at least partly organized by a Socialist group called the Party for Socialism and Liberation, protesters hit a policewoman in the face, they surrounded a young girl for being white, they also surrounded and verbally lashed a police officer for daring to be both Black and a police officer

Well the protesters are not finished because now they have again gotten completely out of control and this time they shut down a City Council meeting due to their out of control and rowdy behavior. And while the commotion stirred inside the council chambers, outside a man was arrested for assaulting a police officer and drunk and disorderly conduct…

This is in our state capitol, what a disaster and a disgrace, the Mayor of Sacramento needs to step down immediately for allowing this absolute embarrassment to take place. Not only is he allowing the unbridled hate towards law enforcement, but he isn’t doing anything to put these rowdy people in their place. Protesting is fine, but this is beyond protesting. It feels like if the rest of the country is moving forward and California is still stuck in the Obama era of hateful division and an extreme form of corrosive identity-politics.

One of the main agitators was Stephon Clark’s brother who interrupted the Mayor of Sacramento while he was addressing the crowd that was there to speak on how they felt about the shooting. Which is totally pointless, why are they asking people who are listening to a bunch of liars and socialists who are trying to capitalize on the murder of a criminal simply because he is black!screen-05.18.39[28.03.2018]

The Sacramento Mayor is incapable of effective leadership and is siding with criminals over our police.

No one would EVER tolerate the behavior you are about to see from Stephon Clark’s brother if he were White right now. I can guarantee you he would have been arrested, regardless of whether his brother just died or not, you simply do not act like that in an official setting like that, you almost have to follow court style protocols of respect.

I can’t feel sorry for Stephon Clark’s little brother because he doesn’t seem like he feels sorry, like at all. He actually seems to be enjoying the attention he is getting, acting like he is on some BET rap awards show clowning around with his friends and having a good time. Enjoying his time in the spotlight and hamming it up for the cameras, telling the cucked Mayor of Sacramento he’s a “Son of a bitch” and to ‘Shut the F*** up’

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His brother barged into the hearing with his pants sagging, being loud, rowdy and totally obnoxious. He was acting like a total fool, he was enjoying his time in the spotlight and it was sickening. The cucked City Council of Sacramento didn’t do a damn thing to

Even if Stephon Clark was wrongfully shot(which he wasn’t) this is absolutely no way for anyone to acceptably behave, but this is the new normal for the Left, especially when it comes to these types of shooting incidents.

Adding the fact that the families of the deceased can now make quite a nice profit from filing lawsuits against the police incentivizes the family to pursue legal action and run to the media with tears in their eyes, knowing damn well that they raised a troubled adult that has probably hurt and stolen from people before. Totally shameless.

As I said in my previous article, they used to promise Black people “40 acres and a mule” now they offer them “Get shot by a cop and if you die your family gets rich”.

The opportunist Al Sharpton is heading to the wake of Stephon Clark, which takes place later today, and I will be monitoring the situation closely because I have a strong feeling that something might happen and there will most likely be yet another protest.

Hey, I guess George Soros has to get something for the billions he spends trying to tear down our country and Black Lives Matters is the new Antifa. Too bad for him it won’t work because we are the aware and awake American people and we will definitely stop him.

These are socialist organized protests, they comb the news for incidents like this one and then pour money into it and activate all their little activist groups to spread propaganda in the area and rally the disenfranchised. It’s all a ploy to discredit our police forces and bring in lawlessness and chaos. I will not stand for it.


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