Orange County joins Trump lawsuit against Sanctuary policies.

THIS IS HUGE! The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted yesterday to join the Trump administrations lawsuit against the corrupt and rogue California state government. All of those who counted out any hope of saving California need to get back into the fight NOW!

This action by the Orange County Supervisors is on the heels of last weeks vote to opt-out of Sanctuary law SB54 in the small city of Los Alamitos, they also voted to join the Trump admins lawsuit by writing an amicus brief for the suit.

Shortly after the Los Alamitos vote, the city of Yorba Linda, also in Orange County, California, had agreed to file their own amicus brief and join the Trump lawsuit. The city of Mission Viejo is also standing up. It seemed the snowball effect was well underway and more and more cities and counties will take up the fight.

Because now we have our biggest win yet. Yesterday the Board of Supervisors for the whole of Orange County have also started the process of writing their amicus brief for the Trump v California Lawsuit. Supervisor Michelle Steel had already issued a resolution to officially condemn SB54(the Sanctuary State Law).

Orange County is home to almost 3 million Americans, that is more than the population of some states and small countries. When the small Los Alamitos voted against Sanctuary, people wondered how such a small city could possibly mean anything? Because it was just the beginning and the first battle of the offensive to take back our hijacked state.

Some Liberals were greatly triggered by this decision. A group called “Resilience OC“, who recently hired an illegal immigrant to run their organization, call themselves “immigrants rights” activists, but mostly they fight for illegals.


They issued a statement in response to the Boards decision:

“We condemn this hateful and violent action against all our immigrant communities. These actions seek to create fear and anxiety and only serve one purpose, to fulfill your political agenda and ambitions,”

How is this a violent action? Perhaps you could maybe argue it is a little hateful, I will admit I pretty much hate illegal immigrants like this lady that come here and trash our great nation, but refuse to return to the s**tholes they came from. It’s totally OK to “hate” certain groups like criminals.

Let it be known that crazy SJW Liberals, while being the loudest voice in the arena, do not speak for Californians anymore. The Orange County board voted 4-0 in favor of the resolution to join the Trump administrations lawsuit because they know what the majority of the silent population is thinking.

Even some Democrats are realizing that illegal immigration has gone too far and has already destroyed entire communities and ripped apart families.

Board members cited their duty to ensure the safety and protection of citizens as the reason for standing up to the dangerous policies from Jerry Brown and the Corruptocrats.

This is only the beginning of the fight. My fellow Californians, I beseech you, now is the time to stand up and be heard. Whether you are tweeting, making Youtube videos, writing articles, posting on Instagram or Facebook, or just talking to friends and coworkers. Now is the time to be heard. Voice your disgust for the California Democrats that are literally threatening to tear the very fabric of our nation apart.

EVERY American from across the country needs to heed this call to support the fight to take back California.

The President himself has weighed in on the fight against the reckless and dangerous Sanctuary State policies of the California Democrats. Using his powerful Twitter platform, The President issued these words:

“My Administration stands in solidarity with the brave citizens in Orange County defending their rights against California’s illegal and unconstitutional Sanctuary policies. California’s Sanctuary laws……..releasing known dangerous criminals into communities across the State. All citizens have the right to be protected by Federal law and strong borders.”

-President’s Twitter feed @RealDonaldTrump

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2 Comments on “Orange County joins Trump lawsuit against Sanctuary policies.”

  1. We need help in LA .my neighborhood has become a sanctuary shithole, these people not only bring their trash, they don’t respect the real tax payers like myself the police can’t do anything. We need help like A.S.A.P

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    • The reason why, OC is strong on this issue is because of their Board of Supervisors & the involvement of their community. Those who live in L.A., for example must organize & when Conservatives run for office, they must be voted in. Example: Omar Navarro is running to depose MADD Maxine Waters & we must help him. L.A. is a big fish to catch but not impossible.

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