VIDEO: Rocket scares the hell out of the guy filming!

Truly spectacular and terrifying video surfaced online recently from an individual in Saudi-Arabia who became an uncomfortably close witness to a recent barrage of missiles launched by Houthi rebels at the Saudi Kingdom. One of the missiles landed horrifyingly close to the man, but I am glad he was able to catch this on film. Truly wow, brave man.

It seems the individual was OK because he was able to upload the footage, though I believe he had his share of filming exciting events for that evening and probably did the smart thing and hunker down.


caliconadThe Middle-East has been a constant warzone since the end of World War 2 with numerous armed conflicts randing from local insurgencies to full scale conflict between two nations. From dictators to terrorist groups, the conflict in the Middle-East seems like a problem with no end in sight.

With all the bloodshed in Syria and Iraq, it’s easy to overlook a place like Yemen. Yemen erupted into a bloody civil war in 2015 with multiple factions jockeying for power, but for the past 20-30 years tensions have grown and flared up over the years.

One of the main groups of rebels that arose were called the “Houthi”, in 2004 they were involved in an uprising against the Yemeni government. Again in 2011, during the Yemeni Uprising, part of the Arab Spring, there were clashes between government and anti-government Houthi forces. Well then in 2015, after the Yemeni President overstayed his term in office, they gave the rebellious Houthi’s the perfect excuse for an uprising.

The Houthis stormed the presidential building, they quickly deposed the President and forced him to resign, placing him under house arrest. They began to consolidate power and take over the government. The president was able to escape and flee to safety. He renounced his resignation and he declared the Houthi uprising an illegal coup d’état.

Armed conflict broke out across the country and ISIS, the Taliban and Al Qaeda began to take up shop in the broken and fractured country, just like they did in Iraq and Syria. The Houthi’s remained firm and began to advance on the President’s position, they forced him to flee.When that happened 10 Middle-Eastern countries, under Saudi-Arabian lead, launched an air intervention into Yemen to “restore order”

Well that was 3 years ago and now not only are the Houthi still in power, they are launching rockets into Saudi-Arabia. The Saudi-Arabian intervention was not very effective and it doesn’t look like there is a peaceful solution to this problem anytime soon.

The Yemeni President is reported to live in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia under house arrest.

So what does this mean for us? Well it means that we could potentially be entangled in proxy wars since Saudi-Arabia is our ally. Iran already frames many of the actions taken by Saudi-Arabia as “US backed”, always pitting the blame on us. I hate to say it, and I pray to God I am wrong, but often times it seems war with Iran may be inevitable.



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