Police officers will NOT be charged in Stephon Clark shooting

As I predicted, the two Sacramento police officers who fired 20 rounds at an unarmed black man will NOT be charged with manslaughter or murder. Why? Because the officers were completely justified in their shooting of Stephon Clark. At first glance(and when you only watch the bodycam footage) it looks like they may have acted in an impulsive manner.


When you hear that “two police officers fired 20 round at an unarmed black man”, initially it sounds very bad. So how could they have possibly been justified in shooting this poor, innocent, unarmed black man? After all, we are pretty sure he didn’t even do nuthin.

My first tip-off that Clark was a bit of  shady character was when I read his brothers reaction to the shooting. He said something like:

Stephon was “turning his life around”

Turning his life around from what? Being in a gang? Being a drug dealer? Being a thief? No one would say someone was turning their life around if the person was in fact already a good person. Before I even knew completely who Stephon was I rightfully assumed he was up to no good and a person with a long criminal record. Why? Because people who aren’t guilty of anything simply do not act the way he did.

He looked like he was desperately trying to avoid the police and he was willing to do anything to avoid going back to jail. You can clearly see him hopping fences, running from the police and then refusing a direct order to stop and put his hands up.

And Stephon chose not to stop, Stephon chose not to lisen, Stephon chose to charge the police with his cell phone in his hand holding it forward like he had a gun. He must have realized that when they saw him holding something in his hand they got a little scared and backed away saying “gun! gun! gun!” He must have thought he could make them run away if he held out his phone like a gun and ran towards them.

He was utterly wrong. The family is trying to claim the Sacramento police wrongfully shot Stephon, when in reality they just simply did a terrible job raising him. Why was he even out late that night? Why was he trespassing on people’s property? Why didn’t he get a job when he got out of jail? Why didn’t his grandparents make him get a real job or kick him out?

There are so many events and moments that could have change Stephon’s fate, but he chose his path. The police are not to blame, if they wouldn’t have shot him that night, it probably would have been another time. One of the many homeowners he was stealing from and trespassing on their property could have legally shot him, or a rival gang member.

People like Stephon know 100% the life that they choose for themselves usually ends in a violent death or a hefty prison sentence. They make their decision and they deal with the consequence. His family needs to blame themselves for their failures in raising him and stop blaming the police, but they aren’t giving up. They have hired the same lawyer who worked the Trayvon Martin case. They are trying to cash in.

People used to promise Blacks “20 acres and a mule”

Now they offer them “Get shot by a cop and if you die, your family gets rich”


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