NYTimes Essay: Repeal the 2ND Amendment

I guess no one can be properly shocked that the Left-leaning New York Times recently ran an essay written by a 97-year old retired Judge that calls for the total repeal the 2ND Amendment.

Isn’t it always great when the Liberal agenda just comes right out in the open?

After years of “shut up, no one wants to take your guns you crazy paranoid right-wingers!” They are now actively calling for the TOTAL repeal of our God given 2ND amendment.

This isn’t a little change to the 2ND Amendment like asking to ban bump stocks or raising the age to purchase. They want a COMPLETE removal of your right to defend yourself.

Can we the people decide to pass a law that will perpetually protect the 2ND and 1ST Amendment? No judge, no one in Congress should have the ability to even suggest removing the 2ND amendment.

The judge in question is Judge John Paul Stevens, born in 1920. Geez, what is it with these SJW Liberals that they either refuse, or are unallowed to retire. Like the ancient Ruth or Dianne Feinstein.

I would imagine at 97-years old that one would want to be home surrounded by loved ones rather than writing anti-gun essays for the New York Times…but whoever is behind this gun control push is incredibly driven and well organized.

Trump is kicking Democrat butt, so they have to conjure up stories and lie about guns.

This judge, John Stevens, has dedicated his life to overseeing the systematic dismantling of our right to protect ourselves and after decades of saying “we aren’t coming for your guns” they are now openly admitting that they are in fact coming for your guns.

To that, we can only have one response “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!”

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