BLM protesters surround Black officer, call him “Uncle Tom”

All hell broke loose recently in Sacramento during a “peaceful” Liberal protest that saw such scenes as a young White girl being surrounded and harassed simply for being White, a policewomen being hit in the face with an object, and protesters trying to march onto a busy California highway.

Well they also apparently got extremely upset when they were marching up to a group of police and they noticed that one of the officers dared to be a Black man working for the police. Oh the horror!!

Listen to Sergeant Wade open up about how badly he was hurt by the angry tirade:


Doesn’t that black cop know that, according to the Left, all blacks are supposed to be drug dealing criminals?! Kidding of course, the Left put Black people into a victim mentality, when people like Sergeant Wade grew up with real racism, not the microaggressions that offend these kids these days.

I will keep saying it, the Left has more distaste for POC conservatives than anyone, because we shatter their narrative and let other POCs know that it’s OK for them to be Conservatives.

California Highway Patrol Sergeant Ron Wade became the lightning rod for the hateful Left during their “peaceful” protest. Ron was 1 of 30 officers tasked with keeping protesters off of the I-5 freeway. He is specially trained as part of a CHP task force that can respond during times of domestic unrest. He was the only Black officer on that riot line.caliconad.jpg

Black Lives Matters protesters noticed that a fellow Black was daring to side with the “evil, racist” police!! They can’t have that now can they? They descended on Wade and began to verbally abuse him, calling him a “race traitor” and an “uncle Tom”. Because allowing this Black man to be a decorated police officer COMPLETELY shatters their narrative and actually sets a good example for them and they can’t have that.

You see, the Left is so twisted in their mentality that they hail up criminals as heroes and police as villains. When generally speaking, the only people who should fear police are criminals. They sell the criminal mindset to the point that youth would rather become drug dealers and thieves instead of just working an honest job for 8 hours a day. Part of that has to do with the lack of parental supervision and guidance.

It upsets them greatly that a minority would dare rise above stereotypes and do something really good for the world like become a police officer. For some reason, the ghetto Left sees that as a form of treachery. Like I said, they believe every person of color should be a cop-hating racist Leftist like they are, so when they see a minority conservative or police officer, it is like Satan looking at the Cross.

How did Sergeant Ron Wade deal with the profanity laced, hateful berating he was subjected to? He thought about his father. Wade’s father was a US navy veteran. He raised Ron to be tough and to do what is right for himself and the community. Sergeant Wade said he called his father after the incident to thank him for raising him right.

He said it did personally affect him to be subjected to the tirade. He felt like these protesters were making tons of assumptions and hateful comments when they don’t even know who he is, they see skin color, nothing more.

The Left is incredibly hateful and racist. Whenever they claim they support women or Black people there should be an asterisk next to the remark, with a disclaimer that reads: *ONLY APPLIES TO LEFTISTS. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SUBJECT YOU TO HATE AND RACISM IF YOU DARE DISAGREE*

I know one thing for sure, we need more people like Sergeant Wade and less people like those protesters.


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