Democrat using Tinder to make “magic” with voters…


Disclaimer: This is his real photo, but the description is a hilarious satirical meme description that I came up with. So calm down if you’re a writer for the HuffingtonPost reading this.

Democrat hopeful in North Carolina is urging voters to ‘swipe right’ on his new campaign gimmick, but you will definitely NOT be swiping ‘Right’ on this one ladies and gentlemen(and non-gender conforming Liberals).

I am shocked the Left haven’t petitioned the Tinder dating app to change “left” to mean yes and “right” to mean no.

Democratic candidate in North Carolina, named Patrick Register, is asking voters to connect with him via the dating app Tinder. Yes, the dating app known predominately for connecting horny young adults who don’t seem at all concerned about sexually transmitted diseases will be one of his main platforms for his campaign. Please God tell no Democrat is daft enough to vote for this loser.

He is also on Twitter, @patrickregister, though his presence is very weak and his tweets hardly get any likes.


It looks like he dug his sign, and himself, out of the garbage.

I am so surprised this story is not coming out of California because everything about this guy screams the typical “privileged slacker Liberal from California”. It seems my greatest fears are coming true and the sickness of Liberalism is affecting the rest of the country.

Tinder is where Patrick is going to connect with voters? Or as he is calling it, making “magic” with the voters?

…Can you say creepy?

“Tell me what you want of a representative,” – Patrick Register, via Tinder

Dear Mr. Register, I will tell you the last thing I want to see is a 37-year old US Representative trying to ‘make magic’ with voters via dating apps that are typically used for sex-hookups and one night stands. Who do you think you are? Anthony Weiner?! I think it’s incredibly childish that an almost 40-year old candidate for Congress is trying to act like he’s a college 20-year old. I am 30 and I don’t even act like that.


He creeps me out, he is the typical Democrat.

This creepo is probably just happy with all the replies he gets from young naive women who think he’s cool for being #NeverTrump and standing up for non-existent issues like the mythical “wage gap”

It’s so typically Liberal of him to act like this. These Liberals NEVER grow up, that is why most of them are permanently in school, but then never get a real job. I remember a time when people worked while they were in college and then actually got a job in their field after they were done with school.

FLASHBACK: Another Democrat named Greggor Ilagan once tried a similar experiment on Tinder as well. Except the difference here is that Greggor Ilagan created his Tinder specifically for campaigning where Patrick Register already had a Tinder account before deciding to use it for his campaign.


What happened when Greggor used Tinder to try to boost his campaign? His inbox got flooded with inquiries from gay singles living within 100 miles of him. When he tried to engage them about politics, their minds went elsewhere and they continued to hit on him. He lost his race and he completely ditched Tinder and admitted it is not an effective social media tool for politics.

I don’t know what Patrick Register’s ploy is with his Tinder campaign, is he actually trying to use Tinder to win his election or is he just trying to meet women?? At least Greggor opened up his settings to include men and women because it would make sense to engage all voters, not just women, which it seems Patrick is only engaging women.

Oh, but wait there is definitely more, Patrick Register doesn’t even live in District 12, the district he wants to represent!! He lives in District 9, isn’t so typical of these Democrats! When confronted with this uncomfortable fact, he insisted that he in fact was living in District 12….in a van down by the Planet Fitness!!

I truly wish that was a joke, but no, he actually said that he was recently living in a van parked in a Planet Fitness parking lot. You can’t make this stuff up, you really can’t. He was probably smoking a lot of herb and drinking beers while listening to an a-track cassette in his VW van.


I truly don’t think he lived in a van. I think he may have spent a few nights in his van, probably because he was fighting with his parents like a child. Yes, this guy still lives with his parents!!! Damn, this just keeps getting worse and worse for poor ol’ Patrick. I seriously can’t imagine why he would be divorced? What women wouldn’t want to be with such a well put together guy?

Kidding, of course, Register is a total mess of a person and was probably leeching off of his wife.

Get this, he said he was living in a van in a Planet Fitness parking lot right? Well Patrick also said:

“I lived in District 12 for the first half of the year and then I went to Spain for the summer and when I came back I stayed with my mother”

-Patrick “Magic” Register

Now tell me, who gets to just decide to go to Spain when they don’t even have money for an apartment?! I looked it up, the cheapest plane ticket to Spain is about $900 and the cheapest boat ride is about $300, if you wanna hopscotch across the Atlantic. You hear the way he talks? ‘Went to Spain for the summer and came back and stayed with his mom’, seriously, this guy is acting like a child and I can’t tell if that is going to hurt or help his support because this is how Liberals are now.

Totally failed, broken adults that have regressed into a perpetual state of childhood.

So then he suddenly decides(while in Spain), “I wanna go back home and run for office”. Gee it must be very nice to just travel to Europe and back again whenever you want. When he came back from his early mid-life crisis romp around Europe, with not much money apparently(because he started living in a van down by the Planet Fitness)

Bet he thought he was gonna go to Spain and be part of the Catalonia revolution haha. Sorry pal, but they need real leadership and strong men if they wanna become independent, not soyboy failed adults.

“After months and months, I’m an adult again,”

-Patrick Register.

Borrowing money from your parents to move into your own apartment to try to fix your slacker image does not make you an adult Patrick. Drop out now, you’re a joke. Then again, when the entire Democratic part is the laughing stock of this nation, they might vote for a clown like you.

I just thank God this man isn’t running for office in California, but everything about Patrick Register screams “California” and if he was running here I wouldn’t be surprised at all, in fact, he might have a better chance to win here than he does in his own home state which voted for Trump in 2016.


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