10 examples of California exporting crime to the rest of America.


You may have heard over and over that California is the worlds six largest economy and one of the fastest growing on the planet.

You may not hear as much that California is the center for drug distribution and crime across the United States and because we have a state government that doesn’t give a damn about border control, of course we are going to become the de facto shipping headquarters for nefarious drug cartels.

Here are 10 recent examples of people either from California, or running a drug operation heavily based in California, being arrested across the United States.

Remember that police can only catch maybe 25%-50% of all criminals so this is just a drop in the bucket



A 21-year old man from Redding, California, named Isaiah, was recently arrested in Chicago’s busiest train station with a loaded handgun. He was also wearing body armor and carrying a bag of SWAT equipment that authorities believe was stolen from New York City police. According to the Chicago Tribune.

Thank God a police K9 was on the scene and smelled some kind of explosive residue on the bag. That lead the police to arresting this man and recovering the handgun, they are still investigating exactly how he came in possession of the stolen SWAT equipment and what his intentions were, if I ever find out, I will be sure to update everyone.



Ryan Smith Ragel, 30 years old.

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, Ryan Smith Ragel, a resident of San Luis Obispo, California, was indicted on a charge of being a “Fugitive from Justice in Possession of a Firearm or Ammunition”.

He was riding in a car that was pulled over by authorities in Arizona and thank God the officer was smart enough to run the ID of the passenger. It’s always important to do that, people may feel it’s unwarranted sometimes but it’s absolutely necessary.

When Ragel was pulled out of the car and frisked he had a handgun tucked into his front waistband, he was ready to kill.

The FBI says that among the items recovered from the vehicle were:

  • Seven (7) firearms, including two high powered rifles and five handguns
  • 2,889 rounds of ammunition
  • 60 rifle and handgun magazines, all loaded with ammunition
  • Three (3) sets of body armor

What was he going to do with all those guns? We don’t know yet and it’s unclear if the FBI is probing that angle. Could Ragel have been working on some nefarious secret gun running project and the wrong do-gooder officer happened to pull him over? It’s possible. Nevertheless I encourage anyone to notify the local FBI if they know something.


Twenty-Four Defendants Facing Federal Drug Charges for Transporting Heroin and Cocaine from California to Chicago Aboard Amtrak Trains


Authorities uncovered the sophisticated drug trafficking through a multi-year investigation dubbed Operation Derailed. These 24 individuals would acquire everything they needed for their drug trade in California then ride the trains to Chicago where thousands of people are shot and overdose per year. The drug related violence in Chicago is directly tied to California.

Authorities confiscated:

  • 60+ kilos of cocaine
  • 30+ kilos of heroin
  • 1 kilo of fentanyl(A drug so lethal that while most drugs are measured in either grams or milligrams, doses of fentanyl must be measured in micrograms)
  • 5 handguns
  • 2 rifles
  • More than $1.8 million in cash.

The indictments and complaints allege that wholesale quantities of heroin and cocaine were obtained from traffickers in Mexico. These charges seek forfeiture of approximately $9.3 million in illegal profits.




19 people were arrested by a “Extensive operation” targeting drug dealers in Milwaukee. Many of the drugs were coming from Mexico/California.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the cases involve the distribution of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Officials seized:

  • 60+ pounds of cocaine
  • 5+ pounds of heroin
  • 10+ pounds of meth
  • Weapons and $1.3 million in cash.

California has become a massive distribution center for drugs and guns that are smuggled all across the country. If we don’t demand our state stop it’s insane Sanctuary city policies and crack down on the border. The rest of America will continue to suffer.

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A Cincinatti man had 132 pounds of high-grade marijuana that he was smuggling in from California and assault weapons in his car according to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

The bust disrupted an organization bringing marijuana from California to Cincinnati. Cornelius Tidwell, 30, was accused of drug possession, drug trafficking and possessing a defaced firearm.

Municipal Court Judge Josh Berkowitz set his bond at $600,000.



Federal agents have identified 18 people involved in the massive, sophisticated operation that were shipping massive amounts of cocaine and heroine to Michigan.

This operation involved loading up a hidden compartment of a semi-truck trailer that was shipping in on average 13 pounds of heroin and cocaine per week from California to the West Michigan area.

Police seized:

  • 66 pounds of heroin and cocaine
  • Multiple pounds of marijuana
  • 2 kilogram presses,
  • Bullet-proof vests
  • 3handguns
  • 1 rifle
  • $1 million in cash



500 of these pills, each capable of causing lethal overdose, were intercepted in a package being shipped from California to Buffalo, New York.

The above little blue pills look exactly like Oxycodone in every single way, down to the little M on each pill, only thing is they aren’t Oxycodone at all. They are actually knock off pills…but still extremely deadly. Each pill actually contains a dose of the incredibly deadly fentanyl.

These fake pills are being manufactured in Mexico and China then smuggled into California. Several deaths in California were attributed to the exact same pill.

In one bizarre unrelated incident, a woman was accidentally shipped 2,000 of these counterfeit pills when she ordered a yoga mat online, the pills were shipped from California.



A California man admitted in federal court that he transported more than 30,000 heroin pills, From California to Baton Rouge

Efrain Barajas, 27, of Hesperia, California was one of 11 people indicted on drug trafficking charges and conspiracy to distribute the drugs. Just the pills Barajas transported to Baton Rouge were worth a total of more than $900,000.

The drug operation involved shipping in heroin from Mexico to a California warehouse. The warehouse was converted into a drug factory where they would press the heroin into a pill form to makes it easier to distribute and increase the sales price.



Drug enforcement officials captured men with possible Mexican drug cartel connections involved in a high-volume California-to-Delaware cocaine trafficking operation.

Roque Valdez and Mohamad Aviles Camberos delivered kilos of cocaine and other drugs to local properties owned by Omar Morales Colon, who gave them cash and then distributed the illicit substances to customers in Delaware and beyond.

screen-16.15.34[25.03.2018].pngInside the Delaware mans home, they discovered a tunnel that was housing an illegal grow operation. Law enforcement officials were completely unaccustomed to seeing tunnels like this and likened the tunnel grow to something they typically see only in the American Southwest.



The largest fentanyl bust ever in Nebraska and one of America’s largest ever busts of the extremely deadly drug Fentanyl.

“It’s a stop like this that prevents people in Ohio and New York from being poisoned,” said Lt. Jason Scott of the Nebraska State Patrol

Edgar Navarro-Aguirre, 27 year-old man from California, rode the Amtrak train to Omaha, Nebraska. He was waiting at the train station when a DEA agent, part of the interdiction operation, was doing routine surveillance and noticed him near a large suitcase acting a little bit odd.

The agent approached Aguirre and asked him about the bag, he said it wasn’t his. The agent then asked everyone in the area if the bag belonged to them or anyone they knew. After a few minutes, the agent indicated he was going to take the bag and suddenly Aguirre tried to claim the bag belonged to a friend of his, but insisted that there was nothing illegal in the bag and agreed to let the agent search the bag. What he found in the suitcase was shocking

33 pounds of pure or nearly pure fentanyl, worth almost $15 million dollars. To date this is still the largest drug seizure in Nebraska history by far. Previous fentanyl seizures had reached around 2 or 4 pounds maximum, no where near the 33 pounds they found in Aguirre’s suitcase.

This was enough fentanyl to kill thousands or even tens of thousands. Thank God that agent was on the scene and with very diligent work was able to interdict the drugs before they reached their destination.


Jerry brown California trash.jpg

Most of these cases could have been prevented if the state of California was more strict on our border with Mexico. Most of the fentanyl, heroin, cocaine and crystal meth come from super labs in Mexico that are making drugs stronger and more potent than ever.

It is incumbent on our state to take a hard lined stance against drugs smuggling into our state and we must stop drugs from being smuggled out of our state as well. It is starting to reach epidemic level proportions and if we don’t take drastic measures now, the situation will get worse.

It’s a shame and a travesty that the California Democrats want to fight President Donald Trump when he is the first President to actually try to stop the unsolicited flow of dangerous drugs and people across our border.

The Cartels are combining drugs with other newer drugs to make them even deadlier and increase their profits by getting people more addicted than ever before. California AG Xavier Becerra and Gov Jerry Brown are total traitors if they fail to secure our borders, contain this drug epidemic, and stop it from poisoning the rest of our country.

I can only surmise that they themselves are profiting from this illegal drug trade and human trafficking epidemic coming out of California.

As always thank you so much to the police officers and federal agents who worked these cases. Thank you. God Bless America. Do your civic duty in 2018 and vote these clowns out of office.


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