California man drives flaming minivan packed with propane tanks to air base…

According to multiple media outlets, a man in a KIA minivan, that he set on fire and packed full of propane tanks and gasoline cans, attempted to drive through the barricade at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California.

A few mentions from the media, but nothing too substantial so far and why? Because the terrorist didn’t fit the anti-Trump narrative. In fact, it seems as he was the total opposite of a Trump supporter from my very premature guess. And don’t worry everyone the FBI is on the scene…so there is a good chance all the evidence will be destroyed and we will never know what really happened.


So let me take a wild stab at what happened, the man was a crazed Liberal immigrant, possibly gay, was furious about Trump or something and he decided to go do something insane like drive a flaming minivan packed full of flammable gas onto a US air force base.

Hmmm. OK, what evidence do we have? His name was Hafiz Kazi, he was 51 and he was an immigrant, okay, but just because he’s an immigrant doesn’t mean he would do this. So what else? He was from California. OK. Now the picture becomes a little bit more clear. He was a resident of Marin County. OK BOOM. Marin County voted 75% in favor of Hillary Clinton. Like San Fransisco , Marin County is a heavily gay, Liberal-Progressive area. It’s filled with Anti-Trumpers.

So while the FBI pretends it doesn’t know what the motivation was for this attack, just like they did with Paddock, I will continue to hold my belief that this man was most likely another crazed Liberal that bought into the media’s anti-Trump narrative. Just like the guy that shot himself in the head outside of the White House as some sort of Trump protest. Liberalism really is a mental disorder so I won’t be surprised at all if we ever learn he was another crazed, violent anti-Trumper.


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