VIDEO: “Shoot her in the back 20 times!” racists surround white girl and attack!

There was a Socialist organized protest in Sacramento today. A female police officer was hit in the face. Fans were blocked from attending an event at the Sacramento Kings stadium. Protesters attempted to march onto the I-5 highway and were a general nuisance and disruption to the Sacramento area.

Though no one was arrested, this was not a “peaceful protest”.

Now video has surfaced of a white women being surrounded by racist “Black Lives Matters” protesters simply because she was white and dared to disagree with their violent anti-police narrative. They shouted obscenities and insults, threatened her, and threw water on her. When the water was empty from the bottles, they threw the empty bottles at her in a violent manner and continued to hurl vicious insults.

Thank God police were nearby to surround and defend the poor girl, BUT, as you will see in the video, police were present while the girl was being harassed and they were afraid to interject to stop the mob of angry liberals from assaulting the girl simply because she was white.

If the police were not there, that girl would have definitely been beaten to a pulp. This was a violent crowd that was out for blood. The police were eventually able to form a barricade around the frightened girl. The protesters shouted “Shoot her! Shoot her!” and “Shoot her in the back 20 times!”

What stopped them from initially getting involved and beating down that violent crowd of out of control youth? Political correctness. The fear of being labeled a racist almost completely prevented them from saving the young, scared girl.


This is yet another example that the Left doesn’t care about women, especially white women. They don’t care when Liberal men harass women. Where is the #MeToo movement standing up for this girl that will have nightmares about angry, violent mobs surrounding her with the intent to kill?

We need to be very careful about how much we allow this radical Liberal movement to flourish. This is why it’s important for us to save California from the Liberal progressives that have violently hijacked the state.

These people hate free-speech, they hate the 2nd amendment, they want to take away our privacy, they are completely against the Constitution and they don’t really care about real cases of police brutality, which are extremely rare. The real agenda is taking down and hurting America so they can build their socialist utopia, it isn’t about stopping any type of police brutality.

Stephon Clark was not innocent. The video evidence is clear and Liberals are completely blinded by hate that they are unable to see the obvious fact that Stephon was up to no good and should have listened to police officers, if he had he would still be alive. He has no one to blame for what happened to him but himself.

The Left hurts itself when it marches for obvious criminals, this is reminiscent of the Michael Brown case and I think it will ultimately hurt the anti-police movement. We need to support our law enforcement now more than ever and we need to speak out against every form of racism.

Despite what the Liberal professors are teaching: White is a race, White people are not evil, it’s okay to be White, and yes it is possible to be racist towards White people and it’s completely wrong.

Please help save California. Vote MAGA this November.


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10 Comments on “VIDEO: “Shoot her in the back 20 times!” racists surround white girl and attack!”

  1. I have been saying for a long time that white people that are conservatives are the new minority. If we don’t join BLM and related groups we are under attack. The party of political correctness and peace is the exact opposite of thier beliefs by their actions. BLM is a domestic terrorist cell.

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  2. Facebook: Everyone is entitled to an opinion
    Find my group and get your voices heard. It’s a small group, 205 members, but we need more I’ll be looking forward to your request to join us.

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  3. As the black majority runs S Africa they are free to kill and rape whites just because. It has devolved into top monkey in the jungle rules. The left wants that here in the US.


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