VIDEO: Sacramento Police shooting sparks angry protest. Were the police justified?

I was going to post about this yesterday morning when the shooting video was released, but I wanted to wait to see what the community reaction was. I had been made aware of the shooting of Stephon Clark about a week ago when the incident was reported on local news. The initial reports were that a man was shot in his grandparents backyard holding some kind of a “tool”.

I knew that due to the local law enforcement policies, the bodycam of the incident must be made available within 14 days of the shooting.

Well they released the footage and the only thing I can say against the police is that they did initially lie about what Stephon Clark was holding in his hand. Perhaps it looked like some kind of tool, but it turned out he was holding his cell phone.

Hundreds of enraged protesters have taken to the streets of Sacramento with chants of “Black Lives Matter”, “Stop Killing Our Kids”, “F— The Police”.

WATCH a video from the protest, Notice the yellow signs:

Take a look at a few of these photos of the protest.

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Notice something common among the protesters? Look closely at that yellow sign. The web address, “”. What is PSL?


PSL is the “Party for Socialism and Liberation” an anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-Trump, hate group that spreads socialist propaganda on college campuses. These people just hate cops and no matter what the situation is they are going to be out there protesting and making it seem like police are systematically murdering innocent black people when that simply isn’t true.

This was an organized protest with many printed signs. They probably started organizing after the initial story came out, before they saw the bodycam and helicopter footage. You see, they have a narrative to push, and facts be damned when it comes to pushing that narrative.

CNN is already pushing the “He wuz a good boi” narrative. “He was turning his life around”…by breaking into cars, running from the police, and trespassing and people’s private property…

Oh yeah, because cop-hating progressives love to read this anti-police garbage.


Now, why would Stephon’s brother feel the need to say he was “turning his life around”? That implies that Stephon was in fact a troubled person who could have had gang affiliations or was simply associating himself with the wrong people. Either way, it’s obvious to me that Stephon was no saint. He was running from the police and trespassing, refusing to obey direct orders.

Now, no one HAS to listen to the police, but it will make EVERYONE’s day and life easier if you comply to the maximum extent possible. Had Stephon Clak

In my honest opinion, the police were absolutely not wrong at all. The shooting was entirely justified. Definitely sad, but justified. You still see why if you watch the video carefully AND watch the helicopter footage associated with the shooting.

I edited the video down for time, but you can find the full videos on the Sacramento Police Department Youtube Channel:

So I want to start by saying thank you to police departments across America for wearing bodycams to provide everyone with a more accurate detail of what you go through. Police officers have one of the most difficult jobs in America and constantly have to make split second decisions to protect themselves and those around them.

WATCH: SHOCKING bodycam captures last moments before officer is suddenly gunned down. One minute you are chatting with someone, the next they are pulling a gun out and shooting you. So how dare these Liberals, who have no idea what its like to actually protect someone, question every single decision the police make.

Yes the police are not perfect, they do make mistakes, but more often than not they are 100% justified in their actions. The Liberal media and radical anti-American socialist groups just want to push their anti-police, anti-law narrative by pretending that police are unjustified in what they do and that they always act with malicious intent when again, that simply is not true.

So back to Stephon. Had Stephon simply stayed home that day, not went out and broke into cars, then ran from the police, then when he was caught ran again, he would still be alive right now.

So many incidents like this can be avoided by the person simply complying with a police officer’s demand, but when they have the Democratic party and popular culture pushing an anti-police narrative it makes people not want to listen to the police. I have had a police officer point his gun at me for seemingly no reason, I didn’t run, I stopped and saw what he wanted and I am still alive today.

Parents and schools need to do a better job teaching these kids to respect law enforcement and adults in general, squash the anti-police culture. Support your local law enforcement.


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