California: Protesters hit female officer in face with object.

A video has surfaced of a policewoman being hit in the face with an unidentified object that looked like some kind of solid mass. In relation to the Stephon Clark shooting protests in Sacramento, California. The object was thrown by the protesters, that I pointed out in another article, have ties to Socialist groups.

The officer looked like she was hurt and reeled back as she rubbed her eyes and was shielded by riot police. It is unclear if she was seriously injured. WATCH:

Terrible disrespect of our law enforcement officers in this state When you have a state government that has done nothing about cartels and illegal immigrants, you will start to see the general population reject law in general. This is disgraceful behavior by the radical Left, and in defense of a criminal no less.

I would never condone violence, but I could maybe see if the protesters had a legitimate case where a police officer brutally gunned down an unarmed black man, that actually had his hands up and was complying, for no reason whatsoever. However, that wasn’t the case here.

Stephon was running from the police, running into people’s backyards and then refused to comply with police orders to show his hands and get on the ground. It’s tragic that Stephon is dead, but the police are absolutely not at fault, and especially not this policewoman who had absolutely NOTHING to do with this shooting!

For all the talk about “Women’s rights”, the Left is sure quick to violently hurt any women they disagree with. Proving they don’t care at all about women, they care about virtue-signals and narratives. They are quick to hurt or berate anyone who disagree with them.

That is what makes me so upset about this video and I hope whoever threw that gets what is eventually coming to them. As I keep saying, with all the murders and assaults of police officers across the county, it’s more important than ever to stand up and defend law enforcement.


25% of the profit I make from the sales of this mug go directly to the Semper Fi Fund. They help disabled veterans from all branches of the military. Thank you.

5 Comments on “California: Protesters hit female officer in face with object.”

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  5. I wont give my prayers . I dont understand people anymore. . But today rapper kodak Black payed for the collage of the kids that the 2 Fbi agents who who killed and . I hope people learn from him . And any bad cop. We will hand over. I prommise you. I will drag them out my self


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