California: Police seize drugs from ‘Cocaine Bunker’

A 12-agency operation involving the Orange County sheriff, the FBI, DEA, Cal State Fullerton police, Orange PD, Buena Park PD, Tustin PD, Newport Beach PD, Fullerton PD, Huntington Beach PD, Santa Ana PD, Fullerton PD and the Ontario police department have seized $8.4 million worth of cocaine.

Two men have been arrested, ages 24 and 38, they have not been identified yet. The 12-agency operation singled out the car they were driving and authorities proceeded to make a traffic stop. They found a “substantial” amount of drugs in the car and obtained  warrant to raid their homes.

Once they arrived at the suspects’ home they were able to locate a “bunker” where they found pounds of cocaine. In total, the amount seized from the car and the bunker yielded a whopping 308 pounds of cocaine, worth a street value of around $8.4 million. Officials have said.

Currently, the police are withholding the identity and city of residence of the suspects because the investigation is still ongoing and this bust could be connected to even more potentially larger drug busts.

I believe this bust is part of a larger operation to bring down the major drug dealers based in California that ship drugs all over the country. Expect to continue to see big amounts of drugs being located and seized because Trump has taken the politically correct handcuffs off of our law enforcement agencies.

I believe the large amounts of drugs being seized is a direct result of President Trumps successful war on drugs. Unlike the Reagan-era drug war, Trump understands the problem lies at the CIA and with the Deep State’s illegal drug programs that prop up, support and protect cartels and local drug rackets.

I believe Mike Pompeo being in charge at the CIA has curbed the agency’s involvement in illicit drug trading and weapons smuggling.

Now the distributors, not just the users, are the ones being targeted and Trump isn’t afraid to take on these violent international drug cartels. They cartels have a terrifying reach and they have eyes and ears everywhere. That is why Trump wasn’t able to actually drive around California.

He had to be flown around by an Osprey escort because California has significant cartel presence and radical socialist groups in California that are willing to try to assassinate our President. We must remain vigilant and continue to support our law enforcement.

I believe Jerry Brown and the California Dems profit from the illegal drug trade and human trafficking networks and that is why they refuse to stop the problem. They go after oil and coal companies more than they go after drug cartels and radical Liberal terrorist! Stop the insanity, support local law enforcement.

If you are aware of a drug operation in your neighborhood, please inform the police.


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  1. Thank you for this article. I am hurt disappointed and alwsys watching my surroundings due to the corrupt. Condition of my home State. Thirty years ago when I was beginning to work I never felt the strain hatred and hostilty in California and the disrespect of these foreigners thst have invaded our land..I have ICE programmed in my phone and each day I commute in Los Angeles and make it back without an incident I thank God! Law enforcement presence at Union Station is like you are in a war zone! I pray we can get these low life drug dealers out of here and back where they came from!

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