California man convicted of violently attacking 5 women in 5 hours.

A 36-year old man named Ulises Omar De La Torre was convicted of attempted murder, kidnapping, assault, torture, burglary, attempted rape and assault.


Four years ago, on Jan. 16, 2014 at around 5pm, Ulises Omar De La Torre decided to go on a total rampage. He started by punching a McDonalds worker in the back of the head. The women was just walking home when the man assaulted her and tried to pull her pants down.

The psychopathic De La Torre decided he wanted to cause more mayhem so he grabbed a knife and broke into a women’s home and waited for her to arrive home. When she walked in he attacked and stabbed the woman, luckily her boyfriend was close behind and the De La Torre got scared and fled.

But that really wasn’t enough to satisfy this blood thirsty, most likely Democrat voter, and he found two more victims. As two women checked into their hotel room, De La Torre attacked and tried to force his way into the room, violently swinging his knife and stabbing one of the women. They shouted for help and De La Torre fled again.

He wasn’t finished. At around 10:30pm he then found a lone woman jogging on a Garden Grove street and De La Torre attacked. Punching the woman in the face and knocking her to the ground and he tried to grab her clothes. The woman screamed for help and once again De La Torre fled into the night.

Luckily he was arrested and he has been convicted of his crimes, however, some questions about his motives still remain. You see, De La Torre’s defense for the primary motive of his attacks wasn’t that he wanted to sexually assault the women, but he wanted to rob the women.

De La Torre claims he was just one of several accomplices that were participating in a string of robberies that day. A small, but organized, gang of thieves, rapists and probably human traffickers? Could De La Torre have cartel connections? I don’t know and we may never find out.

I know three things for sure:

One, if any of the five women that were assaulted were authorized for a concealed carry, De La Torre would be six-feet under and not riding out his days in prison on the taxpayer bill.

Two, if a white man had committed the exact same crime that De La Torre had committed, the Liberal media would be blasting this story as a sign of white people being misogynist when as a Hispanic male, I can personally attest to a pervasive misogynist culture in the Latin community.

Three, the State of California has incidents just like this on an almost daily basis and you rarely hear about it because the state tries it’s best to control any negative stories coming out of California. They want to make this place seem like a liberal utopia, when really it’s just a Progressive cesspit.

I hope De La Torre gets his real justice in prison one day.

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