California cities sue over OC plan “to create temporary homeless camps”

Let me start by saying homeless veterans must be housed, clothed, and fed immediately.

I have no problem with tax-payer dollars going to help homeless veterans and families that genuinely need help, but that isn’t a majority of the new homeless/transients. Many of these people are drug addicts with long criminal records. They refuse to get a job, they refuse to stop doing drugs and they are capable of committing violent acts. Those are the homeless people that we must find another solution for besides trying to house these people. They don’t want our help. They just want money to get high again. These people are failed adults and building them tent-cities is a terrible idea.

Its starting to show that Californians across the state are harboring a growing disdain for the Progressive policies that are tearing whole communities apart. From the tiny city of Los Alamitos opting out of illegal Sanctuary State laws to Calaveras County banning legal marijuana, all across California we are witnessing a growing group of citizens that are becoming increasingly upset at the Progressive leadership in Sacramento.


From the homeless epidemic to the unwillingness to enforce immigration law, it really seems like the State government can’t properly solve any the problems.

The five Supervisors of the Orange County board met with Judge David O. Carter and came up with a plan, to spend $70M on permanent housing and to create temporary homeless camps. 4 of the 5 Supervisors agreed to the plan.

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One brave Supervisors named Todd Spitzer, the only one who didn’t agree to the plan said that it would be wrong for him to accept this plan that would shove hundreds of homeless into communities without talking to the people from those communities first. WATCH:

I think it’s important to note that the Judge involved, David O. Carter, was appointed by Bill Clinton and in 2000 he was responsible for being the first Judge to force a public school to accept having “gay club”, so you have him to thank for all the transgender, non-binary children now. He has even occasionally sat on and lectured the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals…

It doesn’t surprise me that he would think building tent-cities for droves of homeless/transients that have mental health issues and drug problems is a good idea. It’s a terrible idea. Many of these people need more than housing, they need serious mental help

Judge Carter, thank you so much for your service in Vietnam, but it’s probably time for you to step down sir.

The latest outpouring of dissent against reckless Liberal policies is coming from three California cities in Orange County.

The City of Irvine and Laguna Niguel are both suing the county over the Orange County Board of Supervisor’s proposal to build tent cities in their communities to house homeless. Huntington Beach has also decided to officially pursue legal options to stop the Board of Supervisors decision. According to the OCRegister

The $70,000,000 proposal to build temporary tent-cities and permanent housing for homeless and transients is being met with severe backlash and 600 citizens packed into that City Hall to protest this insane decision to build tent-cities and houses for known drug-addicts and criminals. Don’t think for one second, there aren’t quite a few illegals among the crowds of homeless.

As citizens are waking up to the Democrat plan to tear down our borders, flood communities with drugs and kill our jobs. Then shovel the hordes of jobless drug-addicts they created into backyards and communities just to further corrode and degrade everything.

I see homeless people asleep on the train, hanging out at the train station, smoking and drinking at the park in the middle of the day! They simply don’t want to work and when we have a state government that willing to subsidize poverty, it’s going to make people choose not to work. It’s simply easier for them to be on welfare and get drunk.

Again #NotAllHomeless people, but the majority of the New Homeless are drug-addicts and failed adults. Thank you Todd Spitzer and the cities of Laguna Niguel, Irvine and Huntington Beach for taking on those that seek to ruin our communities.

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