Small California town deals major blow to Sanctuary State law

The tiny California city of Los Alamitos has been getting a lot of national attention recently. As I said in a previous article, Los Alamitos positioned itself to become the focal point of the fight against the illegal California SB-54, commonly known as the “Sanctuary State” law, when the City Council decided to vote whether or not to opt out of the SB-54 law.

Well I am very proud to say the Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 in favor of the measure to opt out of the dangerous Sanctuary policies! They have become the shining example for law and order when it comes to California. They have done the state, and the country, a huge service and I am forever grateful for this amazing display of patriotism by the Los Alamitos City Council.

Huge thank you to this awesome patriot, Councilman and former Mayor Warren Kusumoto. He was the brave patriot that introduced the measure to opt out of the sanctuary laws. Citing his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, he boldly stated he believed the Sanctuary laws to be unconstitutional. Wow. What a brave patriot.


Warren has worked in the aerospace industry for 35 years as an Electrical Engineer and Project Manager. He was a past Cub Scout Cubmaster, Assistant Scout Leader, Basketball Coach, and community volunteer. Kusumoto is a native California and 3rd Generation American. He was born in LA and raised in the City of El Monte. He received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineer from USC.

This guy is definitely no slouch and he is the main reason why you will not see this story televised too much at a national level, because Councilman Warren pops their false “shared reality” bubble.

In the twisted Liberal mind, people like Councilman Warren don’t exist. People who want to secure our borders and protect the citizens of this country in the eyes of the Liberal media are basically all “white, redneck, Trump supportin’, AR15 wieldin’, Confederate, KKK, white supremacist, neo-nazi, xenophobic racists that punch people in wheelchairs for fun”. People like Councilman Warren completely shatter that narrative.

“California legislators are bullying local elected officials into violating our oath of office,”-Kusumoto

Wow, what a statement. That is truly incredible and tantamount to treason that the state legislators are forcing local elected officials into violating their oaths of office, effectively turning most of the state’s officials into criminals for violating their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.


Which could possibly be part of their plan to overthrow Trump? The more people they can get implicated in their illegal plot to coup President Trump, the more corrupted officials will now have no choice but to continue down this path of treachery and treason. Because once a politician flagrantly violates the Constitution, they are likely to violate it again and again.


For whence you start down the road of rebellion there is little hope for amicably turning back. Everyone knows the punishment for treason and to me it truly seems like the hardcore anti-Trumpers, like Xavier Becerra and Jerry Brown, are ready to martyr themselves for their Progressive-Communist plot.

But back to the Los Alamitos vote.

Many people showed up outside of the City Council voting chamber yesterday to voice support and to protest the decision whether or not to opt out of the state’s Sanctuary laws. Chants of “build the wall” sporadically broke out among patriots, countered by “The people united, will never be divided” from the Left. The debate reportedly got heated, but only verbal assaults were exchanged. There were no reported injuries.

When the vote was announced, patriotic Americans in attendance started chanting “USA, USA, USA”. Probably my most favorite chant of all time, “USA! USA! USA!”. The anti-Trump Liberals, defeated and demoralized, went home with their gender non-conforming heads held down.

They claim “bigotry” is alive in America, no, it’s simply the long overdue enforcement of immigration laws.


The City Council went one step further and decided to order the city attorney to write an amicus brief for the lawsuit that the Trump administration has filed against the state of California!! WOW!!! Not just defending themselves from the tyranny of the Sacramento socialists, but Los Alamitos is punching back and the small city is riding the Trump train now!

As I have said, I am so proud of this move and I am hoping it sparks a statewide movement to reject the insane and criminal policies of “Sanctuary” for ILLEGAL immigrants. The Left can conflate the issue as pertaining to all immigrants, however, if you are a legal resident of the United States, you have absolutely nothing to worry about right now, no matter where you came from.

The reality of Sanctuary cities is that they benefit cartels, human traffickers and international organized crime to a great degree. We cannot allow that to continue and at least one small city in California is taking real active measures to fight back against those that would open our borders and destroy our country.

Thank you to the Los Alamitos City Council, may God bless you and grant you the strength to continue the long fight we have ahead of us.




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