Self-driving Uber kills woman, California rolls out “Driverless shuttles” anyway

Every day in California you can find an example of the state government putting the citizens of California at risk. Whether it is the Sanctuary City experiment or releasing thousands of violent criminals onto the streets in the name of “prison reform”, as Californians we face a multitude of potentially fatal obstacles in our daily routine.

Soon self-driving vehicles capable of killing you will be just another thing to watch out for when you’re out and about on your daily activities.

It was reported today that in Arizona, a “self-driving” car operated by Uber hit and killed a pedestrian last night. What makes the incident so striking is that the “self-driving” car by Uber does in-fact have a person sitting in the drivers seat just in case the AI fails.

Uber has been testing their self-driving cars in various parts of the country, but this incident may be the first recorded incident of a pedestrian being killed by a self-driving car.

Uber has suspended their self-driving car program pending a full investigation.

Meanwhile a California “Driverless Shuttle” program has not suspended and is currently being used in San Ramon, just outside of San Francisco. The driverless shuttle fit’s 12 people and has no steering wheel, no brake, not even a person to be there in case anything goes wrong.


Granted, this lunchbox on wheels doesn’t go very fast, it has sensors that are meant to detect people walking in front of it and right now they have it on predetermined path safely away from major traffic areas, but anything can happen when you are on the road and this lunchbox bus is just the beginning.

The state wants these driverless shuttles in every city, possibly replacing the current bus fleet. So not only will they be putting thousands of drivers out of work, but they will be cramming millions of Americans into these automated boxes. Rather than upgrade our existing infrastructure, like widening freeways or even building them in tiers, they seem hellbent on pushing us into these automated buses.


People in California LOVE their cars, we kind of invented “cruisin” over here, just hopping your car and driving around. Tell me if cruising up and down the Golden Coast will be half as much fun when you’re stuck in traffic in one of these automated lunchboxes.

The main reason someone with a car gets on the bus or train is because of the traffic, there is traffic because we aren’t upgrading our infrastructure to keep up with the demands of cars. So adding more mass transit options isn’t going to ease traffic. It’s just a never ending cycle that the state profits from.

chart.jpgYou see, the state of California gets to take in more tax revenue from a bus company as opposed to an individual driver or family car. They are purposely not upgrading our infrastructure which is aggravating the traffic situation and putting more people on the train and bus.

That in-turn puts more money in the pocket of the state who will plan to use the money for more mass transit, ignoring the infrastructure problems, thus never fixing the traffic problem and guaranteeing people will be on the buses and trains.

I know one thing, I will NEVER set foot in an automated bus.

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