Police seize 74 pounds of meth from suspected drug dealers.

OREGON – Two men were arrested in Oregon after a K9 named “Trapper” alerted police to the possible presence of drugs in a car they had pulled over during a traffic stop. Sure enough, after conducting a thorough search of the car, the police found about 74 pounds of crystal meth in the car, worth about $370,000 on the street. According to KOBI5 news.

Police located the meth after pulling over a black Dodge pickup truck that they said was speeding on Interstate 5. The tenacious K9 Trapper was on the scene and after walking around the vehicle was able to help officers find the crystal meth. This marks the largest bust for the Douglas Interagency Narcotics Teams, but its just the latest bust in a string of high level seizures in the state within the past two years.


We keep seeing large drug busts like this, more than we have ever seen and it’s all thanks to President Trump. In my opinion, his support of law enforcement and his zero-tolerance attitude when it comes to criminals, is fueling a new era in criminal justice. No longer will we tolerate the rise of gangs and druglords that threaten entire communities.

One of the men that was arrested, Israel Salvador Mercado-Mendoza, aged 33, told police that he was instructed to take $120,000 to Los Angeles which was to be used to pay for the drugs which he would then have to take back to Eugene, Oregon.


So of course the state of California has to have a part to play in this story because due to Sanctuary City policies, CA is the number one drug hub for the rest of the country. The I-5 freeway runs from the San Diego border and the way to Canada, hugging about every major California city on the way.

The I-5 is the perfect drug smuggling route and because we have a state that is refusing to crackdown on illegal immigrants, we will continue to see an influx of drugs like heroin and meth pouring into our state and then being distributed to the rest of the country from here.

It’s telling that these men are predominately Hispanic of Mexican Descent. A whopping 80 percent of the meth used in the United States comes from Mexico. It’s an issue that will continue to be a problem until we crack down on both drugs and border security.

But as lax as California laws are towards drugs and illegals, the laws in Oregon may potentially be worse.


Look at this case, just last month, a man named Jose Jimenez Garcia, aged 58, pleaded guilty to delivering 40 pounds of crystal meth. Officers who arrived on the scene also noticed that Garcia had thrown two bags containing approximately 8.3 grams of cocaine on the ground.

How did the Oregon courts react to this egregious delivery of one of the most dangerous drugs? Garcia’s charges of methamphetamine possession and cocaine possession were dismissed and he was sentenced to 15 to 18 months in prison. 

Yeah, that isn’t much of a sentence for someone who was delivering 40 pounds of meth and tossing 8 grams of cocaine out of their window. I understand states not wanting to prosecute drug users so hard, but we need to prosecute drug smugglers and dealers to the absolute fullest extent of the law.

But hey, have you ever known Liberals to take a tough stance on people actively destroying our communities?

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