Small city in CA fights against Sanctuary City policies!

Sanctuary state laws “may be in direct conflict with federal laws and the Constitution of the United States,”

California Democrats, the Liberal media, Silicon Valley technocrats and the Hollywood elite may think that California is the #Resist state, but they are overlooking a growing disdain among the population for the “Progressive” policies that have irreparably harmed many communities across the state.

DO NOT count out California just yet! We have over 4.5 million Trump supporters and here is where we destroy their socialist agenda once and for all. Think about it, if we can flip California, they will lose EVERYTHING. Well one small God loving town in is taking on the demonic Liberal-Progressive juggernaut that has taken over in California.


This one small town in Southern California is deciding to stand-up against the Liberal fascists in Sacramento by voting to ignore the Sanctuary City laws and work with federal immigration officials. The brave Los Alamitos City Council cited their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. God bless you fine citizens. According to the Orange County Register

Los Alamitos, California. Population 11,636. The second smallest city in Orange County is poised to become the front line for the fight against amnesty in the state of California. If the City Council votes yes they will become a thorn in the side of the Democrats and become the shining example for our state when it comes to following the federal immigration law.

The Mayor of Los Alamitos, Troy Edgar, said he wants to discuss the proposal, but that he is tentatively in favor of Kusumoto’s proposal.

“The state had overstepped its boundary” in passing the sanctuary law, Edgar said.

Wow, that is one awesome Mayor, Libby Schaaf, the lady that tipped-off illegals about an impending ICE raid needs heed his example. That is a Mayor that cares about the safety of his citizens and he is doing everything in his power to protect the people by working to abolish the dangerous Sanctuary City policies that bring in drugs, human smugglers/traffickers, and many violent illegal immigrants.

These Liberals were very triggered and one of them basically said all illegals do is ‘mow lawns and cleaning toilets’:

Some Liberal-Progressive lawyers, that I believe are actively working to destroy our country, have already threatened to sue the small town for daring to take action to protect the city’s inhabitants from the obvious dangers of sanctuary.


^^This is Annie Lai, she helped run an organization called the Immigrant Rights Clinic that helped Santa Ana “cement its status as a Sanctuary City” she obviously isn’t a very big Trump fan…



“It looks like they’re setting themselves up for litigation,” she said.

She thinks that Sanctuary Cities are perfectly within their rights to house illegal immigrants against the wishes of the Federal government. She might have an argument if she is arguing that the people within the cities are OK with the illegals being there, but most of the people that can think straight are totally against this sheltering of dangerous criminals.

Sure they can parade around a few thousand Liberals with “Sanctuary 4 All” signs, but that isn’t indicative of the overall California voter base.

Look at what happened in 2008 when they left gay marriage up to the “progressive” voters of California with the controversial “prop 8“, the voters went against gay marriage and made it illegal for gays to marry. What did the state do? Jerry Brown and the state went against the wishes of the voter, used the 9th circuit court of appeals, and circumvented the will of the voters.

Everything about “Sanctuary” screams illegal policy. Immigration isn’t drugs, the supreme court has already decided the Federal government decides all matters pertaining to immigration and the city of Los Alamitos is simply respecting that decision.

Los Alamitos looks like a pretty cool place for Trump supporters, hard to believe this is California:

The City of Los Alamitos simply want to vote for law and order. They are voting to hurt the cartels, they are voting to hinder international gangs and human traffickers that flock to and thrive sanctuary cities. If they vote yes, Los Alamitos could become a great area of operations for ICE agents to stage operations in California.

I am very thankful for the City Council members who are voting yes for this measure and that awesome mayor who is doing a damn good job protecting his citizens. Los Alamitos could become the first local challenge the states sanctuary law and it comes right on the heels of the Federal government filing a lawsuit against the state.

The immigration debate is about to get very heated and California is poised to become the front line in the battle to reclaim our country.

The meeting takes place tomorrow at 6 p.m.










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