Court orders removal of WW1 memorial known as “The Peace Cross”

MARYLAND – Liberalism strikes at the heart and soul of America yet again. This time with the official court ordered removal of the World War 1 memorial in Maryland known as “The Peace Cross” that was built in 1925 to honor 49 local men who had served and fallen in combat. The legal battle to remove the memorial had been ongoing for several years.

I am incredibly surprised this isn’t a story coming out of California, then again they have pretty much removed any crosses that were on public grounds here. I guess the Liberal affliction has now spread to the rest of the country and now just about every monument to our history is subject to being torn down by the anti-God Progressives.


Those men went through hell and died to stop the militaristic, oppressive central powers from taking over Europe. They were real heroes and incredibly brave men. Now the statue that was erected to honor them, is going to be removed…

Simply because the memorial was a cross shape, Liberals fought tooth-and-nail for the removal of the amazing 40-foot memorial, that they say was an endorsement of religion for the state. Don’t these people have anything else to complain about? People are starving in the streets of Los Angeles, people are getting shot in Chicago, our own Intel agencies have turned against us in Washington DC, but this group of professional cry babies is crying about a cross-shaped statue…

The group behind the push to remove the cross is an organization with a truly Orwellian name, they are called the “American Humanist Association”:


“Good without a God” is there actual slogan… Advocating Progressive Values and Equality for Humanists, Atheists, and Freethinkers…also known as people that get triggered at the site of a cross.

That hasn’t exactly worked out here in godless California where we have tens of thousands assaults/yr, over ten-thousand rapes/yr, over a thousand murders per year(50% unsolved), massive overdose problem, pedophile rings and human trafficking networks…

Perhaps getting rid of God is why we have such disrespectful youth now that are totally out of control, disobeying their parents to a severe degree, doing drugs, having unprotected sex and committing crimes in ever increasing numbers.

Separation of Church and State?


So a cross shape is so heavily associated with Christianity in the minds of Liberals that it must banned from being in the public square. Since it is a symbol of a religion right? Well what about other religions? What about pentagrams and obelisks?

It seems the Progressives only care about tearing down Christianity. When it comes to Islam, Paganism or the ancient religions, they don’t seem to mind when those are taught in schools or influences architecture.

Atheists removing this almost 100-year old cross is just one instance of them removing ANYTHING that is in anyway related to Christianity. In Santa Monica, the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled in favor of the local atheists and removed a nativity scene that had been on display every Christmas for half a century.

We cannot continue to allow the Liberal-Progressives to keep destroying our history. They are losing in the present, and their future looks bleak, so their last hope is to destroy our past by removing memorials, very similar to what ISIS has done in the middle-east.

They can take down that memorial, but in my heart and mind those men are with God and will always be remembered.

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1 Comments on “Court orders removal of WW1 memorial known as “The Peace Cross””

  1. This will be “The straw that broke the camels back”… I don’t know about the rest of your reader’s but I’m one that will not sit on the sidelines and watch this horrific destruction of our gratitude and respect to our military war hero’s. All those who served and fought in any war for our country deserves our utmost respect and defence of their honor. As long as that cross still stands, I pray I’m not to late, it will be protected and of necessary fought over.


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