NUNES: “We have over 100 illegal leaks” from Democrat Side of Intel Comm.

Daytime Congressman and nighttime super-hero corruption-exposer Devin Nunes spoke with Jesse Watters today about what’s been going on lately in the House Intel Committee. He spoke about the Russia probe, FISA abuse, and how the media has been covering everything. The interview took place on FOX News.

Devin Nunes has been tenacious in his efforts to expose the very deep-seeded corruption that has taken hold in Washington DC and across the country. It’s hard to believe Devin Nunes is from California. I would gladly trade a billion Pelosi’s, Maxine Waters, Hillary’s or Jerry Brown’s for just one Devin Nunes.

Devin Nunes is certainly presidential material in my mind. A principled man who will keep fighting to get to the bottom of the truth. Just having him serving on the Intel committee has been a huge win for the American people. We fully support you sir!

He has exposed the corruption at the FBI and he is shining a light on the Deep State creatures that have been secretly trying to overthrow the country for years now. Our own Intel agencies were actively plotting to use the FBI to keep someone from assuming office. Using fake dossiers written by real spies.

It sounds like a spy novel, but this is real life and it is happening in our country.

Every American that cares about the future of our country needs to pay attention to what is going on in America. We need to be actively engaged in making sure the truth gets exposed and we vote in officials who will investigate and clean out the corruption.

We had people in our government that actively conspired to subvert the will of the American people!! Actively trying to undo an election! That is the worst political offense a person could ever commit in America. It goes against the very foundation of the country.

People like McCabe, Comey, Hillary and Obama just got caught trying to coup the country. Make no mistake about it, had we not elected Trump, we would not be seeing this type of corruption being exposed. I shudder to imagine what a Hillary Clinton presidency was going to look like.

Thank God we will never EVER have to find out. Keep exposin em Trump and Nunes. We support you. #MAGA


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