German food bank bans migrants to protect elderly, reverses decision.

Germany First? There has been a serious uprising all over Europe, from England to Hungary, as brave patriots are fighting to reclaim their countries from an influx of migrants that have taken over entire communities and are terrorizing residents.


Well now a food bank that has been helping elderly and poor Germans for years caved to the pressure of being labeled as “Nazis, racists and bigots” for trying to make it part of their policy to simply require that a person be in their country illegally before receiving aid.

Their building and trucks have been vandalized by graffiti calling the food bank a “Nazi” organization.

The charity had initially said on Facebook:

“was not founded to deal with the chaos of [Chancellor Angela] Merkel’s refugee policy but to meet the demand that was already there”, it said on Facebook.

And they were 100% right. That food bank should have the right to say that legal residents of Germany should be the priority when it comes to charitable giving and that Germans shouldn’t have to suffer and go hungry because of the failed refugee policy fof the country.

They have now reversed their decision to disallow illegal aliens from collecting food and that makes me very upset. Because they were shamed and forced by their Liberal society for doing something extremely sensible.

Many of these refugees don’t wait in line, they are on welfare and don’t get jobs. They are flooding these food banks and increasing the demand for free food to a level that many food banks are forced to turn away people or even close their doors.

Read this article from 2014 in Spiegel . Food banks have been struggling with the influx of migrants for years now. Some of them were even forced to abandon the free food model all together and opt for becoming a discount market, those were the ones that weren’t forced to close.

This is the insanity of political correctness and the perfect example of why political correctness is literally killing countries. By taking what rightfully belongs to the people that have lived in the area for generations and giving it to people who came from somewhere else, all just to be able to virtue-signal that they love immigrants.


The people of Germany need someone like President Trump. They should look to Hungary where their leader, Viktor Orbán, recently said in a speech that Europe is ‘under invasion’ by migrants and that he will take all necessary steps to protect his people. He was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from fellow Hungarians.

It seems if you put your country first, your country loves you. Who knew?

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