VIDEO: Jury forced to watch Graphic Pulse Night Club footage

The jury in the trial of the wife of Omar Mateen, who shot 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando, is underway and today jurors were forced to watch graphic images taken by surveillance footage from inside the club.

GRAPHIC/WARNING A blurred semi-censored version of the video has been released:

You can see Mateen enter and purchase a ticket. Then he exits and suddenly reenters with his rifle in hand and immediately opens fire into the main dance area. He begins to sweep back and forth finishing off any survivors before proceeding to the bathroom where he fired rounds through the doors into huddled survivors.

Listen to two of the terrifying 9/11 calls and listen to Omar Mateen pledge allegiance to ISIS.

There was little attention paid by the Liberal media to the fact that Mateen had done this in the name of ISIS. There is no disputing the fact that he was a radicalized Islamist, but the jury of this case is trying to decide whether or not Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, had provided any type of material aid to her husband during his violent rampage.

The defense attorney is arguing that although Salman had knowledge of the attack, Mateen decided “at the last minute” to carry out the attack and so Salman had no time to stop him or warn the authorities.

Even though she never called 9/11 to report her husbands possible terrorist plot and prosecutors said Salman knew Mateen was buying ammunition for his AR-15. She helped him spend thousands of dollars before the attack and knew about his plan when he left the house, hours before the shooting.

They also say she lied, tried to mislead FBI agents and had knowledge of her husband’s sick fascination with violent jihadist videos and terrorism. If she is guilty, hopefully she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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