Cache of illegal weapons seized

“We don’t know how he was able to get these guns; none of them were legally purchased,” Suttles said.

Officers with the Burbank and Glendale police departments found a small arsenal of weapons and have arrested a man Wednesday on suspicion of violating his parole. The officers searched his home after he received a vehicle citation in Glendale. According to the LA times

Authorities found four assault rifles, three shotguns, a .45 caliber handgun and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition in the suspects home.

{By the way if you hit one of those annoying “you’ve reached your free article limit” paywall on one of these pretentious news sites. Just open up a “private tab” and you should be able to view the article}

It’s just more proof that strict gun laws, like the ones we have in California, are not very effective at keeping criminals from acquiring weapons. No gun store is legally allowed to sell this man weapons, he most likely bought them on the black market. When a criminal wants a gun, they will get a gun.

The scary part is that we have a couple hundred murders in California that go unsolved every year. A report from the Sacramento Bee stated:

“About 21,600 Californians were murdered between 2003 and 2012, according to the California Department of Justice. Police identified and found about 12,200 murderers during the same period – for a clearance rate of roughly 56 percent”

So with our incredibly strict gun laws, we have a very high amount of murder verified and proof that criminals have acquired arsenals of illegal firearms. Add that to the horrible unsolved murder rate and things in the Golden State look pretty grim.

Let’s hope the police can take the weapons away from the bad guys, while leaving the law abiding gun owner alone.


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