California Dems appoint ILLEGAL immigrant to state office…

CALIFORNIA – In an obvious sleight to the Trump administration, a woman named Lizbeth Mateo is the first illegal alien in the United States of America to be named to an official statewide appointment…. -According to the Sacramento Bee

“While Donald Trump fixates on walls, California will continue to concentrate on opportunities,” -California State Senator Kevin de León.


You may remember Kevin De Leon from his embarrassing press conference where he clearly had no idea what he was talking about. Yes, these are the people we have running our state and making important decisions that will affect generations to come. Well now they have made yet another dumb decision. Hey the Dem mascot isn’t an ass for no reason.

In my opinion, the appointment of Lizbeth Mateo sends an official anti-American message across the country and we cannot stand for this. Legal Americans, Democrat and Republican, need to be outraged at this total mockery of our immigration laws.

“While undocumented students have become more visible in our state, they remain underrepresented in places where decisions that affect them are being made,” -Lizbeth Mateo

Undocumented and unafraid…Imagine someone openly saying “a thief and unafraid”, “murderer and unafraid, a “drug dealer and unafraid”, oh yeah thieves, murderers and drug dealers are usually smart enough to keep that fact to themselves.

These illegal aliens have become far too open with their rejection of law and they are actively encouraging others to reject law. Something must be done.

I keep saying this, but the state has officially gone completely off the rails. It is actively encouraging this type of behavior that is verifiably corroding society. Because when people ignore the sanctity of our borders, they will start to ignore the fabric of society itself.


If there is no fully enforced boundaries, then we effectively become Mexico, and while Illegals like Lizbeth or the people who run the Oakland based anti-police Hasta Muerte Coffee Shop would love to make us into Mexico, I will fight to make sure that never happens.

Because Mexico is a s*ithole in many areas, I know I have been there. Mexico had a 98% unsolved murder rate in 2017…98%!! In 2017 Mexico had the highest amount of intentional homicides in the world! In the world! More than Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, you know, places that had actual wars going on…#BuildTheWall


Lizbeth remembers her true homeland, Oaxaca, Mexico, in a 2016 Facebook post.

The Liberal media neglects to talk about how horrible Mexico is, because it would strengthen calls for the country to build a border wall now. As we have all seen, even Democrats used to be for a border wall, they only now pretend they aren’t so they can virtue signal to illegal aliens and get them to vote.

Do you truly believe Lizbeth Pompeo, someone so engaged in politics, has never attempted to vote? She feels it is her absolute duty to change the United States of America, voting is the best way to do that. She already broke the law coming here, continues to break the law by being here, what is stopping her from attempting to vote?


I found this image on

I can’t confirm if that is indeed Lizbeth in the photo, but it certainly looks like her. If it is her, it means she has been actively traveling back and forth to Mexico, which begs the question, using who’s ID?

No high-level California politicians are going to punish her, hell I wouldn’t be surprised to see her meeting with Xavier Becerra and Jerry Brown soon. She has a law firm that hired her, despite her being an illegal immigrant. Worst of all she has “educated Liberals” convincing her that somehow by being “undocumented” that is some how empowering…I truly don’t understand this as I grew up when there was nothing more empowering for an immigrant than gaining an American citizenship.

Lizbeth is 33 years old, she has had 19 years, 19 YEARS, to get on the path to citizenship. She is an immigration activist, but isn’t encouraging people to get citizenship. Truth is, it seems she doesn’t WANT an American citizenship.

This needs to be a serious wake up call for everyone living in California that cares about our country. I really didn’t think it could get worse than it already was in this state.

We already have the largest illegal immigrant population in the United States AND the largest concentration of homeless people in the United States! We have the largest total amount of rapes, robberies, countless murders. When will the people of California say enough is enough? Build that wall.


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