VIDEO: Autistic man suddenly attacked in Canada

Although my website is predominately read by American patriots. Canadian patriots also like to frequent my blog and I am always honored by their presence here because they are into the Liberal agenda even deeper than we are.

We often think of Canada as being the most polite nation on Earth, you can accidentally run over a Canadian and they would say soory for damaging your car and making you stop. I will always remember that clip from “Bowling for Columbine” where Michael Moore goes around opening doors to see if people in Canada lock their doors.

Canada seems to have changed since then.

Mississauga, City in Ontario, Canada. Police have released a video of three men suddenly attacking a man who was sitting on the stairs putting on his roller blades. Police say the attack seemed coordinated just from the way the men attacked. It doesn’t appear that the victim was saying anything to the men when he was attacked.

From what I can see, the men appear to be non-white men. So chances are slim you will see this attack on CNN. Imagine if the headline of the video was ‘three white-men attack autistic immigrant’. Dear God, I can only imagine the outrage that would ensue and the flood of calls to “kill all white people” flooding social media from tolerant loving Liberals…


These three men are being searched for by the Mississauga Police. If my Canadian friends know anything about this vicious assault, contact them right away. Keep up the fight against the Liberal party that has decayed and eaten away at our communities. In Liberal areas, we increasingly see sick violent acts like the one in this video. It needs to stop.

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