Outta time! Clockboy case gets shut down by Judge…again!

U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay ordered that the Clockboy suit be “dismissed with prejudice” and that “all relief requested by plaintiff is denied.” according to Dallas News.

In a statement released Wednesday, the city of Irving said:

“[it is]extremely pleased by the court’s ruling, which supports the justifiable actions taken by the officers in the matter. We remain committed to ensuring the safety of all Irving residents and schoolchildren.”

Ouch! I bet somewhere Obama is fuming that his little buddy didn’t get millions of dollars for bringing what looked like a fake bomb to his school.

Two months after Ahmed’s brought a fake bomb to his school and was arrested, the family’s attorney threatened the city and school and demanded they apologize and pay $15 million to stave off a lawsuit.

Good thing to see they are not getting rewarded for this, justice was done in this situation. This sets a good precedent for any people in the future trying to create national hoaxes and then seeking to capitalize off of the controversy they created to begin with.


It’s telling that in this time of “see something, say something” and Liberals shrieking about school violence, Liberals turn a blind eye to a kid bringing a fake bomb to a school and scaring everyone simply because the kid is a Muslim. They care more about virtue signaling than they do about safety and security.

I don’t care what race or religion you are, if you bring what looks like a bomb to school, you should be detained and questioned. Especially now with the internet kids can become radicalized and they can easily learn how to make bombs.

So I am very glad the Irving Police took a zero-policy stance to ensure the safety of everyone involved and I am ecstatic this Judge not only tossed out the case, but let it be known that it was a totally unjustified lawsuit by people seeking to profit from a dangerous hoax that they themselves created.


The family was asking for $15 million dollars…and they don’t even live in America anymore! Wow! That is ridiculous, thank God Judge Sam Lindsay saw it the same way.



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