BANNED: Steven Crowder suspended from Twitter!!


It’s pretty difficult to be a Conservative on Social Media these days without eventually being suspended or censored. Aside from stringent rules that seem to only affect the Right, we have to deal with libtarded trolls, death threats, hate messages, racism and misogyny(if you’re a Conservative women)

Well the latest victim is Steven Crowder.

The host of Louder with Crowder, an anti-Liberal, free-speech advocate, a Christian-Conservative pundit and right-wing comedian found himself in global warming level hot-water with Twitter and was recently banned for 7 days for violating their hateful conduct policy after he uploaded a video poking fun at gender fluidity.

Steven Crowder re-uploaded the video to YouTube but it has since been removed yet again, which is what is prompting me to host the video here on this website where I am in control of it and no one can remove it.

Watch the BANNED video. I am posting this  because it is in the public interest as it pertains to the censorship, I am not making money from this. This website is not monetized and has no sponsors. My household subscribes to CRTV and the Steven Crowder Mug Club and I encourage EVERYONE to sign up. CRTV has some fantastic programming.

Warning: What could could be considered a homophobic slur is used in the video:

So Crowder went ahead and edited the video to make it safer for viewing audiences by removing the homophobic slur(which I didn’t see as “homophobic” since the intern was saying it about himself, it was just self-deprecating humor) but nevertheless, Twitter was still very upset at the video.

The LouderWithCrowder producer/co-host NotGayJared promptly tried to reupload the video to Twitter and he was also suspended. Not only that but Twitter went and found the intern that crashed the LGBT panel and suspended him as well!!

This sets an incredibly dangerous precedent for the Twitter thought police that has already reached boiling point levels. A continuing assault on Conservatives and Trump supporters has been taking place for the last three years now. In the name of making Twitter a safe space where we all live in a “shared reality” of rainbows and unicorns they have shut down a number of Conservatives.

I have even been suspended for 7 days for calling a liberal a “retard” for saying it was a bad idea to have specially trained armed guards at schools to prevent mass shootings. Many people have been suspended from Twitter for virtually nothing. Twitter pretends it cares about the context of tweets, but really it does not care at all about context when it comes to Conservative tweets.

Rarely are radical Liberals removed from Twitter. Case in point:


Let’s see if Twitter does anything about these people that are actively calling for the assassination of a sitting President on their platform. Probably not, because Twitter allows that type of vile targeted harassment and tangible threats of violence so long as a Liberal is saying it.

Read more at the official Louder With Crowder website. Please consider becoming a CRTV member, it is totally worth it.


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