VIDEOS: President Trump successfully visits California

President Donald Trump happily visited his border wall prototypes in the state of California this morning and spoke with border patrol agents who praised the President. The President stated that the sate of California is “begging us” to build walls in certain parts of the border, but that Trump insisted the border wall extend across the entire border.

WATCH Trump meets with Border Patrol:

Around 250 protesters took the streets of San Diego to protest the Presidents visit to California. As I explained in other articles, the President is popping the Liberal bubble by totally ignoring the Liberal cries of the state government and building his wall and enforcing immigration.

WATCH Trumps FULL speech to San Diego Marines:

The protesters were, of course, waiving Mexican and Communist flags and chanting anti-Trump slogans. When will these people learn the visuals of their protest are exactly why people voted for Trump. NO ONE(besides SJW Liberals) wants to see people waving a foreign flag on their soil. And the way they wave their Mexican flag is in conquest, acting as though the country or state somehow belongs to them.

As I have pointed out in another article. There was no significant Spanish population in California until the United States took the state over.

WATCH the protest here:

So far the President has had a massively successful visit and has scored some incredible points with the people who vote and care about this country. His exchange with the border patrol agents was very amicable and respectful. You can tell they are very happy to have a man like Trump in charge and I can’t blame them for it.

The above protest was incredibly stupid, where some Hispanic people go on to trash our countries President while hailing up the Mexican president. Do they even realize no one likes the current Mexican President? He is even lower rated than Vicente Fox! A whopping 8 in 10 Mexicans disapprove of the Mexican president. No wonder you now have Mexican politicians campaigning in California for votes in Mexico!!


Look at the “” that group is run by the Democratic party and former Hillary staffers.

It totally helps our cause when the triggered Liberals go around banging pots and acting like they are tough while waving foreign flags, praising third-world dictatorships and communism. Sure, they attract a few million dont-know-any-better Liberals, but we still far outweigh them and we have a message based in reality.

We know that open borders=violence, drugs, arms and human trafficking and eventually your country totally collapsed. Which is probably what the establishment wanted, because then they can declare martial law, disarm everyone, and finally turn the world into their communist paradise.

Their plan was progressing perfectly, they just overlooked one tiny orange detail, Donald J Trump. The man that restored the faith and confidence of the United States of America. The President doesnt need California, we need him if we want to break the oppressive hold the Democrats have on the state.

When President Trump was blockaded by Liberal protesters in San Francisco, did he turn his car around and go home? Nope, he walked across the freeway, jumped over a fence and walked across a field in a very expensive suit, just to speak to his California supporters.

That should have been the metaphor moment California realized, you cannot stop Trump. He will find a way through.


Some Liberals may think because weed is semi-legal now and they get an extra $20 in welfare that the Democrats are doing a good job. Well those people are delusional, and sadly they have become so mentally incapacitated by partying and listening to vapid music that they no longer can independently think for themselves.

So I thank President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions for taking on the corrupt California swamp. Thank you. #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain


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